The Importance of Support

The Importance of Support
Importance of Support 2

I feel that we all like to think that we can do everything by ourselves and we can handle anything, including myself, but starting University has made me grow as a person and see how much more there is to succeed in life. When I arrived in Australia 2018, I had everything mapped out; how it would go, and what I would be doing when and where. Do you think anything has gone as planned? Of course not! I considered myself an adult, but when I got here, I realised I was not nearly the adult I thought I was. Luckily, I have support from my friends, family, and ACPE who have helped me succeed.

My friends and family support me in everything I do, and of course, that goes both ways. This is particularly true with my Australian friends because we are doing the same or similar courses since most of them, I have met through ACPE. If one of my friends is having an issue with an assignment or struggling with a unit, I am there to support them as they are for me. Of course, this is not only University-related, but it can also be everyday things as well. However, I feel it is so important to have this support in University because it can be tougher than high school at times, but with my friends, it is so much more enjoyable and in other ways easier to handle.

Additionally, there is support from ACPE with the Student Learning Services. Studying for a degree can be a big step up and the SLS staff have assisted my transition to university study. High school may demand that you have your own responsibility over your studies, and University is no different. Discipline, responsibility, and support from my friends (and of course my parents) are the things that have helped me get to where I am today and especially in my studies. Everything becomes so much easier if there is no competition to get the highest grade, and instead, you help each other achieve the best possible outcome.

To make a short summary, the support you have from your friends, family, and University will help you perform better academically. My friends’ support is worth a lot to me and as it should since that is the reason they are my friends, and if I see them struggle I support them as I know they would do to me.

This article was written by ACPE Student; Madeline Falkenstoem. Chat to her now!

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