ACPE Graduate Attributes

ACPE Graduate Attributes

Graduate attributes are the generic transferable, non-discipline learning skills and qualities that a graduate is expected to develop during their time at ACPE. These generic graduate attributes outline the overarching capabilities that will be developed by students. These attributes are intended to equip graduates to be global citizens, and effective members of society. The graduate attributes go across all areas of study.

The ACPE Graduate Attributes are listed below

Critical Thinking & Lifelong Learning

A commitment to continued and independent learning, intellectual development, critical analysis and inquiry, integrative thinking, and creativity.

Ethics & Ethical Practice

An awareness of, and sensitivity to, ethics and ethical standards on interpersonal and social levels, and within a field of study and/or profession. To demonstrate integrity on social, cultural, and environmental issues.

Cultural Competence

The ability to actively, ethically, and respectfully engage across and between cultures. In the Australian context, this includes and celebrates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.


The ability to communicate effectively and appropriately in a range of contexts using literacy, numeracy, and information technology skills.

Multi Modal Literacy

The ability to assimilate, analyse and utilise information effectively in a range of contexts, genres and text types.

Social Justice

An acknowledgment of and respect for equality of opportunity, individual and civic responsibility, indigenous and other cultures and times, and an appreciation of cultural diversity.

Discipline Knowledge and Skills

A command of a significant body of discipline knowledge and relevant professional skills and the ability to integrate and rigorously apply knowledge.

Collaboration & Leadership

A capacity for and an understanding of the importance of collaboration and leadership, within teams, in professional and community settings.