Without a doubt, higher education is a valuable investment in your future. But the subject of fees and funding can quickly get confusing. We’ve laid out some helpful sections so you can track down the answers to your questions.

The College is accredited as an Institute of Higher Education by the Commonwealth Government, allowing eligible domestic ACPE students to access FEE-HELP. The financial assistance packages available to assist students are detailed below. Full fee students are NOT eligible for HECS (the Higher Education Contribution Scheme).

FEE-HELP available to eligible domestic students

If you are an Australian citizen, on a New Zealand Special Category visa (SCV) or permanent humanitarian visa holder and meet the residency requirements, then you may be eligible to apply for FEE Help. Under this scheme, the Australian Government pays the amount of the loan directly to ACPE. You are able to repay your loan through the Australian taxation system once your income rises above the minimum threshold for compulsory repayment. Additional information about the FEE-HELP loan scheme is available from the Government website. Specific information about FEE-HELP and its administration at ACPE is available from the Policies and Procedures section of the ACPE website. 

ACPE Payment option

If you do not want to use the FEE HELP scheme to fund your studies, you may elect to pay the College directly.  You are able to pay your tuition fees in full single payment or by instalments. Tuition fees for any semester have to be paid by the first Friday following the census date of that semester.

Am I eligble for Centrelink payments while I am studying?

Local students may qualify for Centrelink support payments while studying at ACPE. Students are normally required to be Australian residents and enrolled in at least 75% of the normal full-time study load. Further information about Centrelink support payments while studying can be obtained from Centrelink or by phoning the Centrelink national telephone number for enquiries on 13 24 90.

Tuition Fee Information and List of Units

Tuition assurance – what is it?

Tuition assurance protects students in the event that an institution defaults, that is, ceases to deliver their course, or closes a campus on which it is offered, or closes the institution entirely after the students have commenced a course but before they complete it. From January 2021, domestic up-front fee-paying students studying higher education with private education providers are eligible for tuition protection assistance if the course has not commenced, or ceases after commencement but before completion, and the student has not previously withdrawn.   

As an approved Institute of Higher Education under the Higher Education Support Act 2003, ACPE LIMITED ABN: 28107480848 ACN: 107480848 must meet the tuition assurance requirements or be exempt from those requirements.

Tuition assurance for international and domestic students is provided through the Australian Government’s Tuition Protection Service (TPS). ACPE is a member of this service.

You can read the ACPE Limited Tuition Assurance Statement here

Additional information

Refund of Tuition Fees  – view the ACPE Terms & Conditions