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Governance and Quality


ACPE is an accredited Higher Education Provider (HEP). Our registration with the NSW Department of Education & Training, and our status as a HEP recognised by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, ensure that ACPE graduates receive a degree that is equal to that of any public university and have access to FEE HELP.

As an approved HEP, ACPE is included in the Australian Qualifications Framework register of Recognised Education Institutions and Authorised Accreditation Authorities in Australia.

ACPE Board

The Australian College of Physical Education (ACPE) is a  limited company with a Board of Directors that includes a majority of independent and non-executive directors along with a representative of the shareholders of the Company. The Board of Directors is chaired by an independent director appointed by the shareholders. The Board of Directors is the preeminent Governing Body for ACPE. It sets the College’s mission and strategic goals in addition to ensuring the College continues to meet its legal, regulatory, financial, and social obligations and responsibilities. The independence of the Board of Directors provides a mechanism to separate the ownership and governance of the College from the management of the College and to provide independent business, financial and higher education expertise and advice at the highest level of decision-making.


  • Chair, Independent and Non-Executive Director
    Emeritus Professor Peter Lee
  • Independent and Non-Executive Director
    Emeritus Professor Jenny Graham
  • Independent and Non-Executive Director
    Mr Martin Przybylski
  • Independent and Non-Executive Director
    Mr Matt Carroll AM
  • Director
    Mr Kevin Kalinko
  • Executive Director
    Ms Debbie Le Roux

Company Secretary

  • Ms Erika Cabrera-Lagos

Academic Board

The ACPE Academic Board is the principal academic decision-making body of the College and advises the Board of Directors on all matters related to the academic governance and operations of the College.

The Academic Board operates independently of the ownership and management of the College to assure the academic integrity of the College’s courses. It has responsibility for academic policymaking, academic administration, and oversight of the educational process. This ensures that the Academic Board maintains appropriate control over the administration of the curriculum to enable the achievement of educational objectives. The Academic Board also recommends the graduands list for approval by the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors delegates to the Academic Board the authority required to carry out its role under its Terms of Reference


  • Chair – Professor Margaret Hicks
    PhD, M Ed, Grad Dip, B Ed, Dip Teaching

Ex Officio Members:

  • CEO and Dean
    Debbie Le Roux
    MA (TESOL) (North West University, South Africa), BA (North West University, South Africa), HDE (PG) (University of South Africa), TAE
  • Ms Kim Goode (Associate Dean (Programs and Quality) & Chair of the Learning and Teaching Committee)

Appointed Members:

  • Dr. Anne Bunde-Birouste
  • Associate Professor Marina Harvey
  • Mr Dave Trodden

Alumni Representatives:

  • Mr James Ellender (State Manager, Belgravia Leisure)

Student Representatives:

  • Ms Jennifer Healey
  • Ms Simone Pearson

Persons with Rights of Audience and Debate:

  • CEO and Dean, ACPE
    Ms Debbie Le Roux
  • Director
    Mr Kevin Kalinko

Executive Officer:

  • Graeme Rudd (Assistant Registrar)
    BA (CSU), MPET (Deakin)


  • Mrs Christine Haque
    BSc (USC), MSc(AIT)