ACPE Accreditation and Governance

ACPE Accreditation and Governance


ACPE is a registered Institute of Higher Education. Our registration with the Tertiary Education, Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA), and our status as a HEP recognised by the Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE), ensure that ACPE graduates receive a degree that is equal to that of any public university and have access to FEE HELP.

ACPE Board

The Australian College of Physical Education (ACPE) is a limited company with a Board of Directors that includes a majority of independent and non-executive directors along with a representative of the shareholders of the Company. The Board of Directors is chaired by an independent director appointed by the shareholders. The Board of Directors is the preeminent Governing Body for ACPE. It sets the College’s mission and strategic goals in addition to ensuring the College continues to meet its legal, regulatory, financial, and social obligations and responsibilities.


  • Chair, Independent and Non-Executive Director
    Emeritus Professor Peter Lee
  • Independent and Non-Executive Director
    Emeritus Professor Jenny Graham
  • Independent and Non-Executive Director
    Mr Martin Przybylski
  • Independent and Non-Executive Director
    Mr Matt Carroll AM
  • Director
    Mr Kevin Kalinko
  • Executive Director
    Ms Debbie Le Roux (GAICD)

Company Secretary

  • Ms Erika Cabrera-Lagos

Academic Board

The ACPE Academic Board is the principal academic decision-making body of the College and advises the Board of Directors on all matters related to the academic governance and operations of the College.

The membership of the Academic Board comprises of at least one Director, and academic staff from other Institutes of Higher Education, industry practitioners, members of professional associations, members of the College’s academic staff and representatives of its alumni and students. 


  • Professor Margaret Hicks
    PhD (University of South Australia), Master of Education (Flinders University), Grad Dip
    (South Australian College of Advanced Education) B Ed, Dip Teaching.

Independent Members:

  • Dr. Anne Bunde-Birouste
    PhD (UNSW), Masters in Public Health Education and Promotion (University of Minnesota), Bachelors (French) – (Miami University)
  • Associate Professor Marina Harvey
    PhD (University of Sydney), Med (honours transferred) University of Sydney, MEd (university of Sydney), B Ed (Sydney Teacher’s College)

  • Mr. Dave Trodden
    Master of Laws (Sports Law) – University of Melbourne; Bachelor of Laws (UNSW), B of Commerce (UNSW)

Alumni Representatives:

  • Mr James Ellender 
    CEO, ActiveXchange

Student Representatives:

  • Ms. Rachael Tait-Owens
  • Ms. Rebekah Vulic

Ex Officio Members:

  • Ms. Debbie Le Roux, CEO  
    Masters in TESOL (North-West University, South Africa), B Arts (Languages) (North-West
    University, South Africa), Higher Dip Ed (PG) (University of Pretoria, South Africa), TAE
  • Ms. Kim Goode, Dean and Chair of the Learning and Teaching Committee 
    Masters of Education (Flinders University), BA Physical Education (University of Western
    Australia), Dip Ed (University of Western Australia)
  • Heads of Department (Two on rotational basis each meeting)
  • Ms. Christine Haque, Registra

Academic Board Secretary:

  • Mr. Graeme Rudd, Assistant Registrar