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Mission & Charter

ACPE Vision

To be recognised as a leading national provider of innovative career education in sport, physical activity, and health.

ACPE Mission

  • We deliver quality education through a unique blend of applied theory and practice
  • We foster superior interactive learning through a staff that is committed, qualified, and experienced
  • We enhance the student experience by providing a supportive and inclusive environment that nurtures individual potential
  • We support our students to develop the knowledge, skills, and attributes that promote success in their chosen careers

ACPE Values

In addition to affirming societal values such as honesty, integrity, ethicality, and social responsibility, the college demonstrates commitment to the following specific values in the pursuit of its Vision and Mission:

Intellectual Freedom: we recognise the importance of ideas, intellectual freedom, and the pursuit of open enquiry

Quality: we strive to improve the quality of, delivery of, and access to educational programs and services

Innovation: we anticipate the needs of the market

Practicality: we ensure students are job-ready

Support: we partner in the personal and professional development of students and staff

These specific values have the capacity to drive competitive advantage in the Australian higher education market.