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Mission & Charter

ACPE Vision

ACPE seeks to be the specialist independent higher education provider of choice in the domains of Sport, Health, Fitness, Education and Dance. It aims to connect motivated and well-equipped students with fulfilling careers in their chosen fields.

ACPE aspires to;

  • An impeccable reputation as a knowledge hub that serves the industry and the broader community through scholarly activity, innovation and education;
  • A transformative and inclusive academic community that celebrates critical thinking, promotes debate and is committed to democracy, human rights and social justice with an outward, international and future focus;
  • Having an impact on the social, and educational and well-being of the sporting community; and
    A sustainable institution in economic, social and environmental terms.

ACPE Mission

Our mission supports what we strive to achieve and how we intend to achieve it. It defines us as a College, why we exist and our reason for being. To achieve our vision, the mission is as follows:

We are committed to the provision of transformative, personalized and supportive learning environment that nurtures potential and promotes teaching excellence and scholarship.

To realise the vision, the College commits to:

  • Position ACPE as a values-driven institution, striving to make a difference, through pursuit of knowledge and innovation in the core disciplines;
  • Create a scholarship-based teaching and learning environment that will encourage students to reach their full potential, that is supportive of students from disadvantaged backgrounds, and that will produce critical, capable and skilled graduates who can adapt to changing environments;
  • Develop, educate and empower well-rounded career ready graduates through quality collaborative teaching-learning and industry engagement;
  • Provide an attractive, safe and well-equipped environment that is conducive to good scholarship and collegiality
    Provide a safe and nurturing student support system as well as a diverse array of opportunities that will foster the all-round development of our students and the College;
  • Attract and retain staff of the highest calibre and to provide development programmes for staff at all levels;
    Strive for excellence and to promote quality assurance in all its activities;
  • Nurture close relationships with our stakeholders through engagement, collaboration and beneficial partnerships;
  • Aspire to be recognised as a well-managed and innovative institution;
  • Maintain a student and quality focus, by creating an enabling environment;
  • Maintain a financially viable institution able to adapt to change; and
  • Influence and change the world around us while being responsive and embracing change ourselves.

ACPE Values

Our Core Values are at the heart of our business. Our values are founded on a proud legacy of more than 100 Years in Education and Sport with a sustainability and future focus. They define who we are, how we work and guide how we act with each other and with other stakeholders. They’re our organizational DNA. All of the values are equally important, are interconnected and inform the ACPE Code of Conduct for Staff and Students.

In pursuit of our mission and vision, we strive for excellence in everything we do. As a College we promote Health and Wellbeing as a holistic approach to developing resilience.

As an institution we value Academic Freedom to pursue independent thinking with due regard to the standards of academic integrity and relevance. We are a close-knit community and we value working together and with the wider society, harnessing our diversity to create a rich social, cultural and intellectual space that facilitates a sense of belonging for all.

We value innovation and encourage critical thinking, creativity and initiative to pursue opportunities. We believe in empowering each other and our students to grow, contribute, challenge and make a difference.

Underpinning these values is the principle of integrity with due regard and respect for the freedom, equality and dignity of all. We acknowledge that we are answerable to each other, our Board and ultimately, Australian society for the decisions we make and the actions we take.

We are committed to openness and transparency in our governance, our decision-making and in the execution of our responsibilities and we are committed to demonstrating courage in confronting those who violate the values for which we stand.