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Attention school career advisors! Uncover the remarkable world of ACPE's specialised workshops in sports and dance exclusively crafted for high school students.

ACPE School Programs

This extraordinary program is tailored for passionate students from Year 10 to 12 who dream of pursuing a career in sport business, sport coaching, football, health, education or dance.

Immerse your students in workshops designed to give them invaluable insights into the skills necessary for success. These free workshops are offered yearly on our campus or conveniently at your school.

Please note that bookings are essential and subject to availability. 

Program structure

Campus location
10 Parkview drive, Sydney Olympic Park

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Schools to organise own transport to and from ACPE

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Group size
Minimum 10 per group

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Workshop duration
45 minutes, 1.5 hours, or 3 hours

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FREE (excludes the Liverpool Football Club workshop)

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Explore our program structure

Delve into the array of workshop options ACPE offers, covering every aspect of the sports industry. We aim to inspire students, helping them take the next step and transform their sporting passion into a fulfilling career.

To learn more about a specific workshop, simply click on the desired option below.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is catered to HSC Personal Development and Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) students in Years 11 and 12.


You can attend this workshop at the ACPE campus, 10 Parkview Drive, Sydney Olympic Park.

What will students learn?

  • Gain insights into the application of energy systems within a sporting context.
  • Engage in various exercise testing protocols.
  • Evaluate anaerobic and aerobic energy systems.
  • Comprehend the principles of training through ACPE’s state-of-the-art performance gym.
  • Discover practical ways to apply training principles effectively.

Who is this for?

Are you an HSC Personal Development or Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) student in Year 11 or 12? If so, you are eligible to attend this workshop.

Where is this workshop held?

Attend this workshop at the ACPE campus, located at 10 Parkview Drive, Sydney Olympic Park.

What will students learn?

  • Experience firsthand how athletes employ diverse training methods to excel.
  • Uncover the intricacies of planning season-long training sessions, aiding athletes’ preparation for competitions.
  • Apply the principles used by coaches to craft effective training sessions.

Who is this for?

This workshop is catered to Certificate III and Certificate IV sport coaching students and Sport, Lifestyle and Recreation (SLR) students.

Where is this workshop held?

This workshop is held at the ACPE campus, 10 Parkview Drive, Sydney Olympic Park.

What will students learn?

  • Analyse effective communication techniques coaches employ during competitions, with athletes and in media interactions.
  • Hone coaching communication skills through practice and reflection, thereby improving athlete-player performance.

Who is this for?

If you’re a student in Years 10, 11 or 12 considering a future sports career, this workshop will be the ideal starting point to learn more about the sports industry.

Where is this workshop held?

You can attend this workshop at the ACPE campus, 10 Parkview Drive, Sydney Olympic Park.

Duration of the workshop

Choose between a 45-minute career guidance talk tailored to your school or an immersive 1.5-hour workshop delving into the comprehensive aspects of pursuing a career in sports.

What will students learn?

If you have a passion for sports but don’t know where to start when considering a career in the sports industry, this workshop will help you:

  • Explore the diverse range of job opportunities within the sports industry so you can narrow down your potential job interests.
  • Identify the essential attributes and experiences required for success in the field to help keep you motivated to succeed in your studies.
  • Can also combine this workshop with the Liverpool Football Club workshop for an enriching experience.

Who is this for?

Are you a Year 10, 11 or 12 student who spends your time away from the classroom participating in extracurricular dancing? Put those dancing shoes to use with our dance workshops to hone in on your dancing techniques.

Where is this workshop based?

You can participate in this workshop at the ACPE campus, 10 Parkview Drive, Sydney Olympic Park.

What will students learn?

If you’re captivated by the world of dance, our dance workshop will give you a taste of what you can expect to pursue a future dance career. You will learn to:

  • Engage in contemporary dance technique classes.
  • Refine performance skills through alignment, articulation and control.
  • Explore innovative approaches to creating original dance movements.

At ACPE, we are proud to be the exclusive partner of Liverpool Football Club (LFC) in Australia. LFC-accredited academy coaches will captivate students with enjoyable and unique training practices directly associated with the club.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop caters to students in Years 10, 11 and 12.

Where is this workshop held?

For your convenience, we will hold this course at your school.

What will students learn?

  • Discover the football practices employed at the Liverpool FC Academy.
  • Enhance football skills and tactics to elevate your game.
  • Embrace the “Liverpool Way” and learn how to improve overall.
  • Gain valuable insights into the study and career pathways within the industry


We suggest combining this workshop with the Careers in Sport Workshop for the best results.

Our upcoming events include:

  • HSC Revision Day
  • Sport Testing Program
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Book a workshop for your school

Give your students the support they need to find their right career path. Choosing your study pathway can be overwhelming, with so many options to consider. Our workshops help students learn firsthand what seems like the right fit for them before committing to their studies.

Simply fill out the form below, and one of our dedicated ACPE team members will contact you. We’ll also email you the ACPE School Programs Brochure for your convenience. If you have any questions about our workshops, contact our helpful team, who are more than happy to assist you.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The ACPE School Programs Initiative is catered to high school students in Years 10 to 12 who have a passion for sport, football, health, education and dance and are considering pursuing a career path in one of these fields. Deciding on your career pathway at the end of high school is a big decision that can overwhelm many. Not everyone knows what they want to do after school. That’s why these workshops aim to provide students with a deeper insight into the skills required to succeed in those fields so they can decide if it’s the right fit for them.

Students from Years 10 to 12 are eligible to participate in these workshop programs.

To apply for these workshop programs, simply fill in our booking form with your personal information, including your name, mobile number, email, school name and what year group will be attending. One of our ACPE team members will be in touch with you shortly. You will also receive an email with an ACPE School Programs Brochure so you can be informed of any upcoming programs or events.

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