Why choose ACPE?

We’re confident that the differences between ACPE and our competitors are the differences that you need to build a competitive advantage in the job market when you graduate.
Why choose ACPE?

The ACPE Advantage

We are proud to be different.  ACPE is a place where everyone knows you by name, somewhere to belong, a safe place to start from and always return to. Your career doesn’t start after graduation – it starts immediately as soon as you become an ACPE student. Together, we will set you on the path to success by preparing you for the working world and making the connections that could ignite your career.  Our close ties with industry will give you an advantage when it comes to enriching your degree and being a distinctive applicant when you apply for jobs.  Did you know, that if you choose ACPE, you have a 89.5% chance of gaining employment within 6 months of graduating.*
*Based on GOS (Graduate Outcome Survey 2021)

A Clear Roadmap to Success
From day one we will be moving you through your employability journey. By the time you leave us you will understand what comes next and be ready to grab it and run with it. ACPE can help you get a leg-up on the competition in the job market. Our courses are designed to equip you with a range of transferable skills and experiences which will make you attractive to future employers.  This is why you get so much more than just a degree.

Career Management
Our Career Development Service team is committed to ensuring you develop skills that will allow you to grow as an individual and within your chosen career path. You’ll learn to realistically assess your personal strengths, develop a career path, and leverage the opportunities available to you. You’ll also have ample opportunity to engage directly with your industry — further developing your skills and experience.

Job Competency Building
We’ll help you develop the skills employers are looking for in your desired field before graduation. That way, when it comes time to start your career, you’ll have the strategies and tools you need to obtain employment.

Industry Access
Allow us to help build your network by connecting you with leading industry employers and providing ample opportunities for you within your chosen industry. This helps you to understand organisational culture, to work in teams and to develop a good work ethic to ensure that you are prepared when you move into the world of work and transition from theory into practice.

A Hands-On Approach
Getting the most out of your degree goes beyond the lecture theatre. It’s about new, hands on experiences too. ACPE strongly believes in learning by doing, allowing you to create a sound theoretical base along with the practical knowledge and application you need to make a smooth transition from your studies to work.

A Personal Touch
We’ll get to know you really well. We know that every student is different and that at times, everyone needs a little backup or a friendly ear. Every class has a low student-to-lecturer ratio, ensuring you get the personal attention and access you need to learn at your very best. Your lecturers are qualified experts with industry experience and an understanding of what it takes to help you succeed.

Our lecturers are as passionate about sharing knowledge as they are about their subjects. They are ideally placed to help you reach your potential. Our students often remark how our academics will go the extra mile to help them excel.

An Ideal Location
With access to premier sporting facilities and organisations, you won’t have to look far to practice your sport or movement of choice using top-notch equipment and resources.

Athlete Support
ACPE is home to many elite athletes and elite performers.  We are proud of our history of supporting these talented individuals to achieve their sporting or performance goals while succeeding in their studies. Our Elite Athlete and Elite Performer program provides unparalleled support and flexibility to ensure that we help you achieve your study goals alongside your professional sporting or performance career. We know what it takes, and we are beside you all the way.

Financial Support
Domestic students have access to FEE-HELP, the Federal Government’s financial assistance scheme that lets you study without paying tuition fees upfront.

Credibility and a Rich History
As an accredited Institute of Higher Education, we’ve been helping individuals build careers in sports, dance, and education since 1917. All of our degrees are accredited by the Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency, ensuring all of our programs maintain high educational standards.

A Vibrant & Diverse Culture

You’ll get to know your fellow students and celebrate achievements together at ACPE. Our culture is one of our best features. This incredibly diverse community is constantly supporting one another and pushing each other to go above and beyond.