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ACPE recognises that you are more than a number, that’s why our courses are not ATAR dependent. ACPE recognises applicants with a NSW HSC (Higher School Certificate) or equivalent, vocational education and training (VET) study, work and life experience, overseas qualifications, and more.

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Finding your best entry option

To help you find the best entry program, select a category that best represents your current status from the list below. Alternatively, you can view all entry pathways.

How to apply

Places are limited and competitive. It is important to apply early before course commencement to secure your place at ACPE. For commencement dates refer to ACPE’s Student Calendars.

The application process

Here’s an overview of our domestic application process. To view the international student application process, please click here.

Step 1

Domestic student can apply directly online OR Apply via the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC).

International Students – If you are currently studying or residing in Australia OR applying via an ACPE agent, submit an online application to ACPE here.

If you are currently overseas (not holding an Australian student visa or temporary visitor’s visa), download and complete the International Application Form and GTE statement along with your supporting documentation.

Step 2

Submit documents & complete application process. You will need to submit your support documents as well i.e. HSC or equivalent, and other post-secondary qualifications such as Certificates, Diplomas or Degrees.

Step 3

Applications are assessed based on criteria set out in the Admissions Policy. You can download and view our policies and procedures below.

Step 4

If you are a domestic student you can apply now. International Students (or if you require a Student Visa to study in Australia) can download the International Student Application Form by clicking here.

Please note: Year 12 students do not have to provide supporting documents now but will be required to provide a copy of their HSC or equivalent when available. For more information on entry requirements click here.

If you are applying for a Dance Degree, you will be required to also pass a dance workshop. Learn more by viewing the “Dance” tab under the Additional Admission Course Criteria section.

General Admission criteria

ACPE recognises that you are more than a number. Our courses are not ATAR dependent. The general admission criteria listed below shows the multiple avenues that you can undertake to get admission into ACPE.

You must meet at least ONE of the following criteria to be considered for admission
If you are unable to meet the general admission requirements below, there are pathways available. Further information can be found by clicking here.

Applicants to ACPE who have completed Year 12 must have a minimum NSW HSC average of 60 (calculated from the average of the highest 6 units completed), or equivalent. Applicants who have completed Year 12 with a HSC average lower than 60 may be considered eligible for entry with other post-school study (e.g. Tertiary Preparation Certificate, VET study, one year study at another higher education institution). 

All applicants must attend a final admissions interview upon submission of their enrolment paperwork. Admissions interviews may be conducted face to face, by other verbal medium (e.g. teleconference or Skype) or a combination of these mediums.

All applicants for entry to any course must meet minimum computer literacy standards as determined by the College and have unrestricted access to the internet and a personal email account. Domestic applicants must be 18 years of age or turn 18 within their first semester of study. International applicants must be 18 years of age or older. All applicants must meet the minimum English language requirements for their chosen course of study. 

For courses that involve work integrated learning where students may deal with children (i.e. under 18 years of age) such as education courses, applicants must be aware that a valid Working with Children Check must be supplied to the College prior to the student undertaking the relevant coursework. If the applicant knows of any reason why they will not pass a Working with Children Check, they should not apply for entry to these courses.

Unable to meet the general admission requirements? Don’t sweat it.

ACPE Student Profile Admissions

The below graph covers admissions for Semester 1, 2024 (click to enlarge)

ACPE does not admit students based on ATAR. Recent secondary education admissions are recorded in (D) (iii) above.

* The Bachelor of Physical Activity for Health provides a pathway to the Bachelor of Education (Physical and Health Education) for students who do not meet the entry requirements for the education degree.
** The Bachelor of Dance Practice provides a pathway to the Bachelor of Dance Education for students who do not meet the entry requirements to the education degree.

Additional Admission Course Criteria

Some of ACPE’s courses will require additional criteria that applicants must undertake to gain entry. For more information on these additional admission criteria, please refer to the three categories below, which includes dance courses, Bachelor of Education (Physical and Health Education ) and Bachelor of Dance Education, and undergraduate certificates/

Fees & Funding

Without a doubt, higher education is a valuable investment in your future. But the subject of fees and funding can quickly get confusing. We’ve laid out some helpful sections so you can track down the answers to your questions. For more information relating to fees and funding, please click here.

FEE-HELP available to eligible domestic students
If you are an Australian citizen, on a New Zealand Special Category visa (SCV) or permanent humanitarian visa holder and meet the residency requirements, then you may be eligible to apply for FEE Help.

Tuition Fee Information and List of Units
Click on the relevant link below to view tuition fees.

ACPE Admission FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, ACPE offers various forms of financial assistance for both domestic and international students. Here are a list of financial assistance programs on offer:

• FEE-HELP – Domestic students studying any of our courses may be eligible to access FEE-HELP, a tuition loans scheme offered by the Federal government. FEE-HELP allows students to defer all or part of the cost of their study and pay it off through the taxation system once they are working full time. See our website for more information:

• Austudy – ACPE’s degrees are approved for Austudy, for those students with a minimum 75% study load. See our website for more information:

• Abstudy – Abstudy is a living allowance for Indigenous secondary or tertiary students, for which local ACPE students may be eligible. See our website for more information:

Upon assessment of your application, applicants will be notified of your application outcome. Successful applicants will receive an offer letter via email. 

To accept your offer and proceed with your enrolment, follow the instructions provided in the offer letter. International students must accept their offer of enrolment by signing and returning the Written Agreement.

Applications for advanced standing / academic credit / recognition of prior learning: submit an Application for Recognition of Prior Learning form along with all the relevant qualification and verification documents to support the claim. Send your application and all relevant documents to your enrolment advisor.

Domestic students wishing to defer your start date or suspend your studies after the start date should advise the College in writing by emailing Student Services at

International students wishing to defer your start date should advise the College in writing by emailing International students should also refer to the following policies as financial penalties may apply, depending on the timing of your request to defer your start date:

  • Deferring, Suspending or Cancelling Enrolment Policy – International Students
  • Refund Policy – Domestic and International Students

All fees and charges for students are outlined on the website at:

Policies relating to fees and any changes to fees for domestic and international students are the:
  • Fees Policy.
  • Refund Policy – Domestic and International Students.
  • Remission of Financial Liability Due to Special Circumstances Policy.


Fees are subject to change throughout the life of the course. Fee changes will be published with appropriate notice and will be made available on the website and relevant student documents. Financial assistance is available to eligible domestic students. Refer to for details.

Yes. ACPE is very proud to award scholarships to commencing students to acknowledge achievement and recognise those who are willing to go above and beyond, who will ultimately succeed and become active contributors within our community. ACPE is committed to providing an equitable program that promotes success and inclusivity across a range of population groups.

For more information please click here.

Yes, ACPE supports elite athletes during their study at ACPE. To see more details about our Elite Athletes program, click here.

Yes, as inherent requirements are the essential tasks and activities necessary of a course or unit that you have to be able to do to demonstrate the abilities, knowledge and skills to achieve the core learning outcomes of the course or unit.

To allow you to make informed choices about your courses, we have identified the inherent requirements for your courses which you can view by clicking here.

ACPE offers a range of early entry and alternate entry pathways to help you enter a degree. If you are looking to turn your passion for sport, health, education or dance into a career, an industry-recognised qualification from ACPE will give you the foundation you need.

Learn more about our Early Entry program by clicking here.

Still having trouble finding a suitable entry pathway?