Career Development Services

Career Development Services

Your Career Is Our Priority

Your future doesn’t start when you graduate, it begins the moment you become a student at ACPE. Don’t wait until your final year before you start thinking about your career – it is important to be proactive when planning your career and take ownership of your own development. Succeeding in a workforce that is constantly changing due to COVID-19, the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Artificial Intelligence requires a career plan. Employers want to attract, hire, and retain employees who provide the best value. The change in employers’ expectations means that you need more than a degree. This has initiated a renewed focus on work-readiness, and at Career Development Services (CDS), we don’t want you to get left behind. We will help you to become more employable and create a strategy for marketing your value in the workplace.

If you’re not sure what you want to do, or have an idea but are not sure where to start, then we can help you develop your career plan. We’ll look at your skills and experience and how they relate to your career ambitions. You can discover what employers are looking for in graduate recruits. You can also learn about the latest real-world experiences, placements, internship and graduate schemes. You can build your professional network while you study by making connections with industry at events, careers fairs, skills workshops and meet leading employers and recent graduates to build your professional network, discover opportunities, and pick up tips that will help you with all stages of the recruitment process. 

At ACPE you will be exposed to a variety of initiatives and programs that will ensure you are Career Ready upon graduation. By engaging in the various ACPE career initiatives you will develop the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence to succeed in the competitive job market. We offer a range of services that go beyond what is learnt in the classroom that will enhance your qualification and prepare you for your career journey.

The Career Development Services Team supports students and faculties by:

  • Delivering a range of career services and activities including individual and group career planning sessions, job search, resume and interview advice, career management workshops, industry visits, networking events and career conferences
  • Managing and promoting online career tools and information
  • Identifying, facilitating and promoting industry links, placements, work experience, internships and employment opportunities
  • Managing ACPE’s Job and Work Experience Board – Careers Hub
  • Managing school professional experience partnerships and placements
  • Supporting Work Integrated Learning across courses
  • Assisting alumni in managing their transition to work and further study.

Gain Real Experience

Our strong links with business and industry means that we provide numerous opportunities to help you discover and realise your potential. Take advantage of work placements, internships and voluntary roles, and attend our careers fairs, one-to-one advice sessions, and employer-led events.

You can benefit greatly from industry placements and internships during your degree.  You’ll get to apply what you have learned at ACPE in the real world, gain hands-on experience, and make valuable contacts that could lead to a job after you graduate. You’ll gain an insight into the industry you’re thinking of working in and may even discover a career path that you haven’t thought of before. 

Recognise that unpaid internships now, lay the foundation for securing paid employment in the future.  It is an investment in yourself.  What you learn during a placement will give you a head start over other candidates when applying for jobs and you’ll be able to talk about it in your interview.

Our friendly careers team are here to assist you in this journey of professional development so that you can secure employment in the sports, health, fitness, education or performing arts industries.

Find out where our students go, what they get up to and why they recommend that you should take up these opportunities too.   


Career Development Services are located on the Ground Floor of our Sydney Olympic Park campus.

We are open Monday to Friday throughout the year, including semester breaks.

Please email for appointments or contact us via the Student Services Reception Desk on the Ground Floor.