ACPE's Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

We are committed to being a place where people from all walks of life can learn. We are proud to support our students to start their journey with us, to succeed while they are here and then to go on to great things.

At ACPE we understand that every individual is unique and we also believe that Higher Education should be an opportunity for many. This is why we have a range of entry pathways to ensure that our degrees are accessible.

Here are just some of the reasons to apply now with ACPE so we can assess you as an individual.

  • We recognise that HSC grades alone cannot tell us everything about you. We look at the whole of you – not just your School/academic results
  • We look at your work and life experience and assess the likelihood of success
  • We review HSC results to determine if you will require any additional support in your studies. We will advise you about the most appropriate course for you based on your previous studies and results.

General admission to the college is governed by the overarching principles of fairness, transparency, and timeliness, and is based on a combined range of factors, including merit, academic performance.

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