Student Programs at ACPE

Find Your Voice

Find Your Voice

We are a smaller community and because of this, we get to know you. We believe that there is something for everyone and we encourage you to get involved. Why not join one of our student programs, sign up to be a student ambassador, volunteer at events or serve on the Student Representative Council.

Student volunteer program

Why not sign up as a volunteer for ACPE events? It is a great way to meet people, engage with potential employers, gain some experience and have a heap of fun along the way. Student volunteers are always needed in the marketing and student recruitment team and the student engagement team. We run many events which include Orientation weeks, Open Days, marketing events, expos and events with ACPE Partners.

Peer Study assist program

(Selective based on academic results) – We understand that sometimes you prefer to have a senior student explain something to you or answer some questions. This provides the opportunity for our senior students to demonstrate their leadership and teaching skills while assisting ACPE’s Category 1 Elite Athletes with their academic studies.

The ACPE Mentor Program

The mentor program has been set up to help new students feel welcome and supported. What better way to learn the ropes and make friends with other students than finding a supportive friend to help you find your feet? Each of the Mentor Leaders selected, are continuing students who have eagerly volunteered their time to support new students through their first semester at ACPE.

Student Life - Make Friends for Life

Student life at ACPE is a great way to connect with other students and staff in a social setting. Our events and activities help you break away from your day-to-day schedule and try something different.

Whether you are just chilling out in the student lounge, hitting the campus gym between class, participating in our sports teams, attending social events or taking advantage of our free food and giveaways each week, our diverse offering provides everyone here at ACPE an opportunity to have unforgettable experiences and make some life-long friends.

We believe that we are only limited by our imaginations, and we know that you have some great ideas. If you have an idea for a club or an activity that we do not currently offer, our Student Engagement team would love to hear from you.

Student Life opportunities…

  • Representative sport teams (UniSport Nationals)
  • Cheer and Dance teams (UniSport & AASCF)
  • Weekly free food & giveaways during semester
  • Annual Staff v Students series
  • ACPE Strava Running Club 
  • Free ACPE Gym Access
  • Social Events 
  • Pick up and play
  • The ACPE Annual Dinner & Awards Night
  • Free Sydney Olympic Park Lifestyle Membership

Student Representative Council

We keep students at the heart of everything we do. 

The SRC is peer-elected and the representatives on the council come from a diverse range of the student population. The purpose of the SRC is to give our students a voice through their representatives to influence and shape the student experience. 

The  student’s representatives work with the staff members in a mutually respectful way to develop the policies and procedures that address real student concerns that contribute to studying at ACPE  a positive and rewarding experience.