Student Representative Council

At ACPE, we keep students at the heart of everything we do.

The purpose of the Student Representative Council (SRC) is to give our student body a voice to help influence and shape the student experience. SRC members work with ACPE staff members in a mutually respectful way to develop the policies and procedures that address real student concerns that contribute to ensure that through studying at ACPE, all students enjoy a positive and rewarding experience.

The SRC is peer-elected, with representatives being voted for by you, our students. The representatives on the council will come from a diverse range of areas across our student population, ensuring that all students have a way to share their message.

We encourage all students, together with ACPE staff, to play an active role in shaping your student experience through the SRC.

Student Member Eligibility

  • Student members must be enrolled in at least one unit in an ACPE course of study to be eligible for membership
  • A student who has had any incident of misconduct is not eligible to be nominated or sit on the SRC.
  • If a student member withdraws from their course of study or takes leave of absence, their position will be declared vacant and filled in accordance with the Terms of Reference
  • Participate in a tailored SRC professional development & leadership program between January – March
  • Have access to personal and professional development opportunities with ACPE staff and ACPE partners during their term.
  • Receive an official ACPE SRC shirt and hoodie.
  • The SRC will have a minimum of thirteen members representing different groups from the current student cohort.
  • Each student member will serve a term of 12 months (November 1 – November 1)
  • All Elected student members will be required to attend professional development and training sessions during the summer break (January – March)

Click below to see the full ACPE Student Representative Council Terms of Reference for more information


All Currently enrolled ACPE students are required to submit one ballot within the voting period.

How to complete your vote…

  1. Only currently enrolled ACPE students may cast a vote during the voting period. Students must be enrolled in fulltime or part time study via face to face or online learning. Nominees must also cast a vote.
  2. View the nominee information pack prior to completing this form to read about each nominee. Click here to view
  3. Input your correct ACPE Student ID number for your vote to be counted.
    1. Votes with incorrect ID Numbers will not be counted in the ballot.
    2. Your student number is required to verify your vote. Your identity in relation to your vote will remain anonymous.
  4. In the box provided give each candidate a preference number from 1 (most preferred) – 15 (least preferred).
    1. A different number must appear next to each candidate for your vote to be vaild.
  5. Sign the form and click submit.
  6. IMPORTANT:Once your vote has been submitted you will not be able to make changes to your ballot.

Voting Closes Midnight Sunday 17.10.21

If you would like to cast a vote and require help to do so contact ACPE Student Engagement Manager, Hagan Butler (

Election Process

The SRC elections will follow the outlined process.

  1. Candidate nomination period
    Nominations are to be completed via the SRC nomination form (See below)
  2. Notice of eligible candidates
    After nominations close eligible candidates will be notified prior to publication for voting
  3. Voting
    To be conducted online via electronic ballot
  4. Notice of election to candidates.
    Elected candidates will be notified and required to formally accept the position prior to publication
  5. The SRC is Announced
    All elected members will be made public and the student cohort notified via social media and email.

Click below for more details in the election procedure document

Election Timeline

  • Nominations open: Monday 30.08.21 (Week 5)
  • Nominations close: Wednesday 29.09.21 (Week 8)
  • Voting period: Monday 04.10.21 – Sunday 17.10.21 (Week 9 & 10)
  • Notice of election to candidates: Monday 18.10.21 (Week 11)
  • Election acceptance deadline: Sunday 24.10.21 (Week 12)
  • SRC Announced: Monday 1.11.21 (Study week)
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Nomination Information

Nominations for the 2022 SRC election are now closed. For the purposes of voting see below nomination information that was submitted by each nominee.All nominations included…


  • Resume is to be no longer than one page long
  • Maximum of 700 words
  • Outline your relevant experience and any current employment.
  • Format accepted: PDF ONLY

Profile Image

  • Images must be a passport style photo. 
  • Portrait orientation
  • Max file size of 25mb
  • White background and your face clearly visible.
  • Formats accepted PNG, JPG, JPeg

Cover Letter/ Nominee Statement

A nominee statement must not exceed more than one page of 900 words and is required to be submitted as a PDF document. All nominee statements must address the following question…

1. Why do you want to be a part of the SRC and Why is an SRC critical to the success of students at ACPE?

In addition to the above all nominee statements must address two of the following questions of the nominees choosing…

  1. If elected, how would you make the greatest impact for ACPE students during your SRC term.
  2. Based on the special interested groups/ portfolios outlined in the terms of reference document, what area are you passionate about and how would you contribute to improving the ACPE experience for that group? (Candidates may specify a group not listed for this answer)
  3. Outline the strengths, skills, and experience that you will bring to the SRC and how will that benefit the student body?
  4. Describe an experience of when you had to work in a team; plan and execute a project or committed your own time to a specific cause and how you made a positive impact to the success of your example?

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