ACPE Central Career Development Services

ACPE Central Career Development Services

The ACPE Careers Development Services (CDS) are committed and passionate about supporting you with your career development journey. We aim to maximise your career opportunities by providing specialist services and activities that ensure all graduates complete their degrees with a competitive edge in the marketplace. Your career starts on the very first day that you start your studies. It is important to be proactive when planning your career and ensure that you make use of the resources and expertise available in the CDS and other ACPE Departments. The CDS can assist students with career direction and planning on an individual basis, or for students who know exactly where they are heading we can assist with marketing your skills and experience to potential employer. At ACPE, you will be exposed to a variety of initiatives and programs that will ensure you are Career Ready upon graduation. By engaging in the various ACPE career initiatives you will develop the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence to succeed in the competitive job market. We offer a range of services that go beyond what is learnt in the classroom that will enhance your qualification and prepare you for your career journey.

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