ACPE Careers Hub Meetings and Services


It is so important that students get to know the CDS team and of course, that we get to know our students! We encourage all students to book a meeting with us to discuss their career goals, seek assistance with resume writing or job applications or to simply connect.Please click here to book your one on one meeting:

We help with all the important stuff

We are committed to helping all students in developing their skills and confidence to gain future employment! We work with students on an individual basis to:

  • create a professional cover letter and resume
  • run mock interviews in preparartion for the real thing
  • have a conversation around what employment opportunities are out there
  • create a LinkedIn profile and provide guidance on how to use the platform
  • support students in ‘getting started’ with an internship

The most important thing, is that students connect with us early to ensure that they are ready to kickstart their careers upon graduation!

Our 4 Step Process

We strongly recommend for all ACPE Students to follow the below 4-step process. This will help set you up for future career success both as an ACPE student and as a professional. These include:

  1. Register for the ACPE Careers Hub
  2. Book your meeting
  3. Complete the CDS kickstarter modules
  4. Get out there and gain industry experience!

To get started on the 4 step process, please head to the CDS section of Canvas here:

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