Exciting ACPE Events

Free Food & Giveaways

We know studying can take a whole lot of energy and we like to make sure that we give our students a boost every now and again. There is often some free food, gift vouchers or merchandise up for grabs each semester. Whether it be a breakfast BBQ, free wednesday lunch or an exam snack there is always plenty to go around.

Pick up and Play

Students can borrow sporting equipment from the Student Engagement Office to have a kick, shoot hoops and stay active outside of class times. If sport isn’t quite your flavour there is also board games, video games, speakers and colouring to help you take a break and stay creative between classes.

Staff v Students

This annual eseries is your opportunity to get one back on your lecturers and score some bragging rights.the series is made up of different sports and activities that are voted for by our students at the start of every year. Whether you are playing in the match, cheering your mates on or chowing down on the refreshments by the sideline, the Staff v Students series is truly unique to ACPE.

Other Events

Although we have many events that we host or participate in annually our students, staff, alumni and industry partners are always making suggestions and offering new opportunities for our students. Some of the events in previous years have included the Myanmar Football for Peace Festival, The Push Up Challenge, the City 2 Surf, the wings for life world relay, STEptember, E-Sports Championships and more!

Digital / Online

With work from home and remote learning becoming the “new normal” in the past two years we have come up with a number of digitial intiatives for students to stay connected when we’re all awayb from campus. Students can participate in activities like, ACPE Pub Quiz, Weekly Dance Jams, Fantasy Sports and Tipping, ACPE Strava club events just to name a few.

Annual Dinner

“The Annual dinner is a celebration of our achievements as a community from the year that was. Not only do we acknowledge outstanding Academic, individual, team and community achievements from our ACPE family but we also celebrate our significant achievements as a college.

Perpetual Awards

  • Academic Awards (per degree)
  • Daniel Berry Exceptional Student Service Award
  • Max Hector Champion of Champions Award
  • Rookie of the Year
  • Industry Excellence Award
  • Library Award
  • Student Leader of the Year
  • Female Athlete of the Year
  • Male Athlete of the Year
  • Team of The Year
  • The Frank Stuart Medal

Upcoming Events

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