ACPE & Wests Tigers launch Careers Seminars

ACPE & Wests Tigers launch Careers Seminars

In partnership, through the Careers Seminars, ACPE and Wests Tigers aim to provide high school students with a greater insight into the potential pathways to studying and working in sport.  The Wests Tigers mission is to wholeheartedly enrich the lives of the community with an aim to deliver quality programs and engagements which resonate with society and drive positive social change, making them the perfect partner for ACPE.

Throughout the Careers Seminars Program, participating schools will hear from an interview panel that discusses key themes such as goal-setting, resilience, career pathways and study opportunities at ACPE. In addition, students will have the opportunity to align their goals and learn more about the wide range of jobs available to them in sport. The structure of the Careers Seminar includes a 40min Interview panel from Wests Tigers Executives, ACPE Executives and Wests Tigers past player networks. The seminar includes interactive and engaging discussions, activities and leaves students with a better understanding of what is required to achieve their career aspirations. 

Keehan Diamond, Wests Tigers Community Manager, shared “Wests Tigers mission is to enrich the lives of our community. Together with ACPE, Wests Tigers strive to deliver new experiences for youth within our community. The ACPE Wests Tigers Careers Seminars aim to educate HSC students on the variety of employment opportunities in Rugby League today and provide awareness for students wanting to learn more about pathways in sport.

Michael McKnight, ACPE Partnerships Manager, emphasised the potential of this program for HSC students who share a passion for sport “Participating schools and their students will have the opportunity to learn not only about the study opportunities with ACPE, but about the wide range of career opportunities in sport that await them. We have an important role to play in guiding and providing clarity for young adults around how they can turn their passion for sport into a career. We are looking forward to sharing our academic expertise and industry knowledge with both Wests Tigers and the wider community as part of this great initiative.

Wests Tigers understand the unique influence Rugby League has on the community and in partnership with ACPE, both organisations aim to inspire, motivate and engage the next generation of sport coaches, administrators, player and officials. 

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