ACPE Launches Student Ambassador Program

ACPE Launches Student Ambassador Program

ACPE is delighted to launch the Student Ambassador Program in 2020. The Student Ambassador Program will provide selected students with a wide range of development opportunities that exist both within the College and across the wider community. At ACPE, our students are at the centre of everything that we do, and we encourage students across all disciplines to represent ACPE with pride throughout our community. Being part of the Student Ambassador program means much more than just helping out at events. Our students will be representing ACPE and everything it stands for by engaging with our valuable community network on a regular basis, building relationships with fellow students and connecting the College to prospective ACPE students.

Each Semester, ACPE students will have the opportunity to apply for a Student Ambassador position at the College. Student Ambassadors are bought on as paid casual staff members and undergo a training and development session before they commence in their roles. With students at ACPE regularly juggling study, personal and work commitments, the Student Ambassador program supports students and their pre-existing commitments. We are proud of our students at ACPE and we urge all students to be active members of our community. We believe this is an accurate representation of both the ACPE spirit and our general values and beliefs. Through being exposed to different programs and departments of ACPE, Student Ambassadors will be given the ability to learn and develop both personally and professionally in a supportive environment. Student Ambassadors will be involved in a wide range of College programs and will have the flexibility to be involved in programs that fit within their schedules. These programs include but are not limited to; assisting the ACPE Marketing & Sales team in their daily operations, assisting the Student Engagement Services and Career Development Services with campus events, assisting with ACPE Open Days, Orientation Weeks, Career Expos, Marketing Events, Campus Tours and assisting the ACPE Student Services team in their daily operations.

ACPE student Jen Healey, who is a third year Education student and is the student representative on the ACPE Board, is enjoying being involved with the Student Ambassador program “The Student Ambassador role has been a really great experience for me so far, I am absolutely loving it! I’ve been able to get involved in a variety of different events, such as Open Days, ACPE Games, Careers Days and work behind the scenes with the student enrolment team and it’s been great! I’m working with a great team of staff and a whole bunch of different students which has been a blessing too.”

The Student Ambassador program has not only assisted Jen in her skill development but has also allowed her to gain a deeper understanding about how the College operates “I have learnt so much in the past couple of months in working at ACPE. It’s taught me to articulate ideas in a clear and concise way, especially in working with prospective students. It has definitely boosted my confidence in talking about ACPE and being able to explain who we are and what we do. I’ve also learnt the importance of teamwork, with everybody playing their own important role in helping ACPE to run smoothly. It has also really opened up my eyes to the inner workings of the college and how much work really goes on behind the scenes. I’ve been able to see the process of enrolment, from someone walking in our doors at an Open Day to walking into campus on their first day of O-Week, which is very cool. It’s been really eye opening to see that the enrolment staff really know the students who are interested in studying at ACPE – they are not just another number or enrolment; they are an individual, each person with a different reason for wanting to study at ACPE.”

When asked if she had any advice for current students about the Student Ambassador Program, Jen shared “If you get the opportunity to become an ambassador, do it! It’s such a great way to get involved in a different way in the ACPE community and get paid for it at the same time. It’s a great way to find out more about the college and what makes us different compared to different institutions. You meet so many different students who you wouldn’t come across just doing your degree, and the ACPE community is the best place to be.”

The ACPE Student Ambassadors are currently helping the marketing and sales team remotely, showing that they are ready to step up and be part of the team from home! If you are a current student and would like to put your name forward for a Student Ambassador position in 2020, keep an eye out for the

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