ACPE Bachelor of Sports Business (Leadership) Student, Reese Bacon finds Internship with Industry Partner; Macarthur Football Club

ACPE Bachelor of Sports Business (Leadership) Student, Reese Bacon finds Internship with Industry Partner; Macarthur Football Club

Learning skills in the classroom is one thing but taking those skills into the workforce and applying them practically is an entirely different ball game. Here at The Australian College of Physical Education, we pride ourselves on providing diverse experiences for our students by assisting them with internship and Work Integrated Learning (WIL) experiences allowing our students to build skills and confidence.

Having work experience while studying provides students experience in the career field they want to pursue. Not only does this give individuals an edge over other candidates when applying for jobs, but it also prepares them for what to expect in their field and increases confidence in their work.

Reese Bacon is currently in her second year studying a Bachelor of Sports Business (Leadership) with ACPE. After completing her Higher School Certificate in 2017, Reese found herself in full-time work until she could find a suitable course that satisfied her career aspiration. Reese came across ACPE in 2019, since then, she has never looked back; “The positive responses from past students inspired me to complete the desired course at ACPE. The Bachelor of Sports Business (Leadership) course highlighted areas that are well suited to my overall career outcome.”

While completing her degree, Reese was undertaking the unit ‘Building Relationships in Sports Business’. This unit requires students to complete 40 hours of Work Integrated Learning (WIL). It was with ACPE Industry Partner; Macarthur Football Club that Reese secured her Work Integrated Learning (WIL) position. This role was reporting to the Macarthur FC Media and Brand Manager at the club’s head office; “The opportunity was of great interest as the upcoming sports organisation is new into the A-League competition. Witnessing the foundation process along with the business elements of working behind the scenes leading up to the season is most intriguing.”

During her 40-hour placement, Reese was able to thoroughly understand and work within each department, attend a press conference, witness the reaction to major club announcements, and be part of meetings that encountered the development of the organisations’ brand awareness. Additionally, Reese was involved with game-day operations; “Macarthur FC is a welcoming organisation that I know will be successful in the future due to their level of commitment and professionalism. The experience has allowed me to continue working with the association, following the season in 2021.”

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