The ACPE Gamechangers with Erin Hill, full-time PDHPE Teacher.

The ACPE Gamechangers with Erin Hill, full-time PDHPE Teacher.

On this instalment of the Gamechangers we speak to Erin Hill a full-time PDHPE Teacher at Chifley College Mt Druitt. Erin has always loved playing and being involved in sport at a very young age, representing NSW in a variety of teams, and wanted to take her passion into a job she would love. Erin is an outgoing person who enjoys connecting with the community and always tries to make a difference in people’s lives. Erin first started studying Bachelor of Sports Business at ACPE in 2015. But felt as though it wasn’t the perfect fit, Erin then transferred to Bachelor of Education PDHPE, this is where she  found her passion through impacting the lives of young people.


I picked ACPE as it was a college focused on and around the sports industry. I talked to some people I knew who went to ACPE and they all said they enjoyed the atmosphere of how close everyone at the college were. They also informed me how the Tutors really cared about every student and went beyond to help out. I first started studying  sports business at ACPE in 2015,  after a hard emotional year for me, it was evident that that wasn’t for me. I spoke to a few Tutors around the college and then transferred to a Bachelor of education PDHPE. This is where I found my passion and feet. If it. wasn’t for the caring Tutors and. staff at ACPE I wouldn’t be where I am today, loving going to work everyday.

What did you enjoy most about your time with ACPE?

The most I enjoyed about ACPE is their resources they have access to. This allowed me to gain experience and connection in the field I am study. This plus the amazing atmosphere of the college where the Tutors and staff take time and effort for every student to help them reach their full potential. ACPE is a community/family.

What skills did you gain through studying at ACPE?

I have gained the knowledge and skills of my profession, this has helped me strive in my job, gaining a Permanent Job straight out of university, and pass the knowledge I have learned onto my students. Through the Professional Experiences, I gained the confidence to be in front of the classroom and connections to keep improving my professional knowledge.  The resources that ACPE provides allowed me to increase the skills and knowledge I need in my profession to become the teacher I am today.

While studying at ACPE, did you complete any internships or general industry experience?

I completed Four Professional Experiences at different schools. This allowed me to put the knowledge I have learnt in the classroom into practical practice. Having four different experiences allowed me to understand how different schools operated and how to adapt to my environment.

How did ACPE help set you up for where you are today?

ACPE gave me the knowledge and skills to be confident in the classroom. The education subjects are highly relevant to what now teach at school, passing on my knowledge to the future. ACPE reminded my that every student matters which I take into the classroom everyday. Through professional experiences it allowed me to gain a permanent position straight out of University which is hard to achieve.

What advice would you have for young adults considering studying with ACPE and pursuing a career in Sport, Health, Fitness, Education or Dance?

ACPE is a community that every student matters. ACPE gives you the tools and knowledge to exceed in the field your passionate about. Their connections and resources ACPE have allows you to go ahead of your competition and gives you real life experiences and connections in the field throughout your study.

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