PRIDE and ACPE facilitate opportunities for students for their 40-hour Work Integrated Learning placement

PRIDE and ACPE facilitate opportunities for students for their 40-hour Work Integrated Learning placement

In partnership, PRIDE Business Coaching and ACPE have facilitated opportunities for Sports Business students to apply their knowledge and skills in a professional, remote industry environment for their 40-hour Work Integrated Learning placement in Semester Two of 2021.

When the Careers Team approached Richard Williams, President of PRIDE Business Coaching, to support these students during COVID strict lockdown, Richard gladly took on nine students, and was happy to trial this experience for the first time with ACPE.

Richard said “as President of Lake Mac Business and realising the dramatic impact of Covid on community and business it was evident life wasn’t going to be the same. When approached by ACPE and realising that Virtual Placements in Work Integrated Learning would be difficult I saw several opportunities to provide students valuable work research and analysis that have real life implications would be of great value to the student’s career development. As such nine students were allocated to me whereby, they were grouped into four clusters where they would have individual and team projects allocated.

Richard went on to say “As the work progressed the integration of knowledge and learning became much more evident for the students and as such the greatest outcome was the insights into the diversity of opportunity for a career in sport and pathways that could be taken. The cohort were a delight to work with and the support through the ACPE Career Development Manage, Simone Younis, was exceptional”.

We were fortunate enough to receive some feedback from several of the ACPE students involved:

Ben JorgensonThe internship has been extremely beneficial to me in terms of not only my personal growth, but also in understanding a side of the sports business environment I had never really thought of. This being how a stadium and sporting facility is developed and built to not only act as a venue to host a sporting event every week but can also act as a revenue generator each day through tourism, hospitality and retail facilities.”

Corey DehnOverall, this internship has been a large learning experience, not only researching a large amount of sports development, but learning more about what I am passionate about, and how to properly set myself when given a task to give my best work.”

Luke McKaig “Extremely beneficial for personal education and growth, in addition applying one-self into real world activities. Furthermore, one of the most enjoyable WIL experiences I have been part of and would recommend. Furthermore, this opportunity guided me to explore the industry of esports which was not something I thought prior to the internship.”

Isaac EvansThroughout the internship I thoroughly enjoyed my time not only learning new knowledge but getting real life examples of the growing sports sector. Furthermore, it was interesting to learn about other people’s sporting background to provide a wider knowledge around different cultures and different sports that I didn’t know about before. Overall, it was a beneficial experience in which will be helpful to me in my future career and studies.”

Jack McDonald I was very grateful to have been given this opportunity and has expanded my thought process. The internship has helped me with implementing the building blocks to trying to achieve my long term of goal of working in sports marketing in Melbourne. It has also helped me analyse my skills that I can provide to an organisation.”

Brady MorrisonThis internship has definitely assisted me in narrowing down my career aspirations, not only did it give me better knowledge on the career path that I want to take, but it also opened up new avenues for me to look into that definitely caught my eye. In addition, this internship also consisted of me creating and developing a career plan that would ultimately enable me to move forward and take the correct steps that will lead me to my career of choice.”

Monique WheeldonThis internship provided the interns with valuable knowledge which can be further implemented into our studies, future careers and daily lives. Prior to the internship I had an idea of my career aspirations which included marketing, and event management as my top picks and facility management. I believe the internship provided some assistance however, more so to facility management and event management.

Nirav NarainjiHaving the opportunity to work with LMB has been a privilege and I could not be more grateful to learn more about the town and the inner working of creating events and local competitions as well as further evolving myself through key skillsets the internship has taught me. It has assisted my career aspirations as to giving me an insight in different aspects of business and where it could take me. Creating data bases for local teams as well as learning about e-sports has given me more opportunities and insights then before.”

The ACPE Careers Team is always on the lookout for new partnerships and opportunities and work tirelessly to make these available to our students. To get in touch, please email

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