New partnership provides sports focused young people with credit towards bachelor’s degree

New partnership provides sports focused young people with credit towards bachelor’s degree

In a landmark partnership between Australian College of Physical Education (ACPE), Football Coaches Australia (FCA) and XVenture, young people can now access and gain a credit towards a selection of ACPE Undergraduate Bachelors’ Degrees with the completion of a unique and immersive new virtual reality- based program.

The FCA XV Essential Skills Program is made up of five modules covering Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Communication, Culture and Resilience. The program is delivered in a self-paced online-based virtual world campus, with over 100 subjects brought to life as videos, podcasts, articles, websites and interactive e-books.   The modules cover universal themes and seamlessly integrate classic and contemporary models and thinking  with each subject coloured with examples and cases from football, sport and business globally.

Successful completion of the FCA/ XVenture College Essential Skills Program will provide future ACPE students for specific credit of:

(1) an ACPE (Professional Communication) unit, within the Bachelor of Sports Coaching (Management),  Bachelor of Sports Coaching (Strength and Conditioning), or Bachelor of Health Promotion courses and

(2) an ACPE (Leadership in Sports Business) unit within the Bachelor of Sports Business (Leadership)course.

Under the partnership (articulation) agreement students, who complete the FCAXV Essential Skills program, are eligible for consideration into the outlined ACPE courses.

The program was created by XVenture Founder and CEO Mike Conway. XVenture are experts and innovators in the team, leadership and personal development space. Mike’s clinical training and expertise in all areas of emotional intelligence, resilience and leadership have seen him take the role of emotional agility and mind coach for a number of elite sporting athletes and teams. Most recently Mike worked with the Australian National Football team, Sydney FC, Perth Glory, WBBL Sixers, WBBL Thunder and Olympians. In the FCA XV Essential Skills Program, Mike also draws on his current and past experience as a leader and advisor for organisations such as EY, Deloitte, Standards Australia and The Wiggles.

This new arrangement is an extension of FCA’s partnership with ACPE which also provides internship opportunities for ACPE students to fulfil their ‘Work Integrated Learning’ requirements.

ACPE CEO, Debbie Le Roux stated “this exciting partnership between like-minded organisations aligns with our strategic aspirations to have an impact on the social and educational wellbeing of the sporting community and to provide appropriate pathways into higher education for coaches, athletes, administrators and anyone who has a passion for sport and learning.  ACPE is home to many who are passionate about sport and who are at different stages of life or learning.  We are thrilled to be partnered with FCA and XVenture to facilitate an industry relevant, contemporary and high quality pathway into higher education.”

Glenn Warry, CEO, Football Coaches Australia stated “… A key strategy of FCA is to implement world leading benchmarks, programs and partnerships to enhance the best practice and high-performance capabilities of current and future Australian coaches. FCA is proud to partner with ACPE in supporting young students in this challenging world with learning environments and FCA XVenture ‘essential’ skills’ highly relevant to modern coaching. Aligning and integrating Australian football coach education and tertiary education pathways for coaches, players, administrators and other sport professionals, makes total sense.”

“Having the opportunity to partner with an educational institution who is committed to providing young people with access to contemporary learning through collaboration [with industry] is a breath of fresh air. My team and I are passionate about developing accelerated experiential learning programs and utilizing the best and latest in technology to deliver these essential skills, which until recently have been seen as ‘soft’. In an ever-changing world, these skills are more critical than ever,” says XVenture Founder and CEO, Mike Conway.

About – Football Coaches Australia and XVenture

Football Coaches Australia

For Coaches, By Coaches … promoting and strengthening the reputation of football in Australia, and the reputation of Australian football on the world stage. Founded in November, 2017 as an association, FCA provides a collective voice for Australian professional and community football coaches.

FCA aims to provide a holistic support model for coaches, with key pillars of Advocacy, Professional Development, Wellbeing and Gender Equity and Diversity.


Founded by Mike Conway, XVenture are experts and innovators in the team, leadership and personal development space, with a track record that has taken them around the globe. They create and deliver accelerated experiential learning, recruitment and onboarding solutions combining cutting edge technology (including virtual reality), with learning and leadership expertise.

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