How Morgan is dancing her way to future success!

How Morgan is dancing her way to future success!

Morgan Crammond is a current ACPE student, and has had amazing success over the last few years with competitive Irish Dancing. In the last few years, Morgan has attended and competed at seven international and national championships. Including competing against 100 competitors from around the world in Orlando Florida, USA and was crowned the North American National Champion. Within a week of her return to Australia, Morgan competed at the Australian International Championships held on the Gold Coast and came out with a 1st place title. Following in August was the NSW State Championships of Irish Dancing where she regained her State Champion title. Morgan talks about why as an elite dancer she chose to study with ACPE below

Why did you choose ACPE? And why should other student athletes choose to do the same? 

I chose ACPE as the courses it offered very much appealed to me. Being a sports college was also another aspect that greatly appealed to me. I love that ACPE has an option for Elite Athletes and makes it possible for those who are fully committed to their sport to also study and gain a university qualification without sacrificing the time needed to excel in their sport.

What support is offered to you as part of the program?
Being on the Elite Athlete program has created room for me to study and remain fully committed to my competitive dancing. The program gives me the ability to still train and travel to international championships whilst studying. It has allowed me to adapt my study to fit around my competitive commitments which has been extremely helpful to balance my studies and still achieve high success in my sport.

What skills does ACPE provide you with that help you succeed after sport?
ACPE has given me the skills to take leadership and be confident to teach children of all ages in the fields of Sport/physical education and personal development and dance. ACPE has also given me the ability to learn to be organised and productive which are skills that will be highly valuable and used later after university in the workforce.

What sets ACPE apart from other universities/ educational institutions which offer an Elite Athlete, Performer and Coach program?

ACPE is different to other universities as it highly values and nurtures the love for sport and performance. With these values, ACPE is the best place for Elite Athletes and Performers to take on study and remain fully committed to their sport and competitive commitments. ACPE allows us to achieve equally in our studies and our sport, setting people like me up for success after sport.

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