Sports Business Graduate Kickstarts His Career With Bring It on Sports

Sports Business Graduate Kickstarts His Career With Bring It on Sports
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ACPE Alumnus, Jeremy Sleiman, starts a new chapter of his life with Bring It on Sports as a Project Coordinator. Jeremy Sleiman graduated from ACPE with a Sports Business degree in 2018. Committed to supporting all ACPE alumni in their future development, the Careers Team worked very closely with Jeremy to assist him in achieving full time employment.

After the completion of his course, Jeremy pursued further studies and completed a Masters in Sport Management. Jeremy tells us, “The Sports Business Degree I studied at ACPE has gone a long way in aiding me to work with Bring it on Sports. Having studied this degree, it allowed me to have a deep understanding of the sporting industry in terms of sporting organisations, sport programs and real-world application in various sport organisations. This degree allowed me to gain valuable experience across different sporting codes relevant for this role.”

Jeremy went on to emphasise the support received by the ACPE Careers team, “Since graduating, I have been in regular contact with the ACPE Careers team, in particular Simone Younis, who has always put time aside to chat about career progression and advice. The guidance I have had from the Careers team has been enormous. Not only in terms of the role itself, but also during my studies where I was fortunate enough to gain experience in multiple sport companies both in Australia and overseas. The ACPE Careers team have assisted me with writing strong resumes and cover letters along the way.

So far, Jeremy is thoroughly enjoying his time with Bring it on Sports, going on to say “I have really enjoyed starting this role and all the staff that I am working with. With highly professional staff with lots of years of experience it will allow me to grow and develop each day. I look forward to further growing with this company and achieving as much success as possible. On a final note, I strongly recommend for all students and alumni to stay connected with the ACPE Careers team during and after their studies. The team is always on the lookout for new roles and are always happy to put time aside to discuss career pathways and opportunities with its present and past students”.

Furthermore, Bring It on Sports have facilitated a wide range of opportunities for current students and alumni to apply their knowledge and skills in a professional, industry environment. In 2020, the most challenging year due to COVID-19, The ACPE Careers Team continued to work closely with Bring It on Sports to facilitate Work Integrated Learning placements for our Business students. Bring It on Sports have hosted 4 students working with their various business units on several tasks and projects as a major part of their coursework requirements. ACPE students are required to undertake 40 hours of what is known as Work Integrated Learning (WIL) which helps them gain practical on the job experience.

When we asked Paul, Director of Bring It on Sports about hiring Jeremy, he said: “It’s been an Honour to be working with ACPE to help provide opportunities for their students through their Industry Experience Program. Through this process we have had the opportunity to monitor and evaluate their students, so when we needed to hire someone to assist in our research and development project the first organisation, we contacted was ACPE. This led to the hiring of Jeremy Sleiman. We really value our Partnership with the ACPE and look forward to continually working with them to help build a better more prepared workforce for the sports and fitness industry”.

The ACPE Careers Team will endeavour to work tirelessly and closely with all past and present students to empower them and enhance their career readiness through exploration of education and experiences that align with industry trends to achieve success and launch their post-graduation career plans.

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