Shanice Parker: A force to be reckoned with both on and off the field

Shanice Parker: A force to be reckoned with both on and off the field
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Shanice Parker is a current NRL player, taking the field for both the Sydney Roosters in the NRL Women’s Premiership and North Sydney Bears in the NSWRL Women’s Premiership. As well as representing not only NSW in the State of Origin, but Australia as well in Rugby Union.

With a tackle efficiency of 93.8% and an average of 86 running meters per game, on the field Shanice is a force to be reckoned with. Off the field, Shanice isn’t slowing down either, currently completing a Bachelor of Health and Movement at ACPE ensuring a long and illustrious career after football. Shanice reflects on why she chose ACPE and why as an elite athlete, the College was the right place for her.

1. What made you choose to study with ACPE?

I chose ACPE as a few of my teammates studied here and only spoke of how well the program was and how it caters for athletes. ACPE’s Elite Athlete Program also best suited my busy lifestyle.

2. How has the Elite Athlete, Performer & Coach Program supported you?

The program offers academic & social support. Helping me to be able to balance work, studies and my busy training schedule without feeling overly stressed. ACPE’s Elite Athlete Program was awesome to be a part of – especially if you have a lot of sporting commitments but want to be able to put yourself in a better position once you’re sporting career ends.

The ACPE Elite Athlete Support Team checks-in often and is always up to date with my and other elite athlete students upcoming seasons/games/events. This allows them to help me balance my studies around what’s going on at the time.

3. What are your goals after sport and how can ACPE assist you with those goals?

To be able to transition smoothly into life after my sporting career with a degree and into a job that I will love. ACPE will be able to assist with building connections in the workforce, offering various opportunities to intern/network with sporting clubs and organisations in areas of that match my interests.

4. What sets ACPE apart from other universities/ educational institutions?

ACPE provides a very personalised style of study, the tutors and lecturers are so easy going and because classes sizes are limited and smaller than other universities they are able to connect with us a lot more than bigger universities. All the staff at ACPE are so flexible around commitments and teach the content in a way that makes it fun! Rather than just listening to someone ramble on for an hour or so.

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