Associate Degree of Sports Business

Associate Degree of Sports Business

Get a Higher Education Qualification in two years (when studying full time).

ACPE’s Associate Degree of Sports Business offers a sports focussed education on the business of sport both domestically and internationally. Key topics include principles of sports management, sports analytics, sports law and integrity, leadership, sports marketing and brand management, media and communications, sport in a social context, sports governance and structures and the international landscape of sports business.  

This qualification provides a pathway to ACPE’s Bachelor of Sports Business (Leadership).

Course Snapshot

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Course Duration

2 years full time or part time equivalent

Online Learning

Fully online. Online units in these courses are taught with a viable cohort of students. If the cohort in these units is too small to ensure an optimal student experience, the College reserves the right to alter the delivery mode to on-campus or mixed mode.


6 March 2023


FEE-HELP approved (for domestic students) Payment plans & direct payment available Tuition payment arrangements must be confirmed upon admission to the college.

Study Mode

Face to face with selected units available online

Transfer Credit

An applicant may apply for an assessment of their prior learning at the time of applying for entry to an award course of the college.

Course Overview

An overview of the  Associate Degree of Sports Business

About the course

The knowledge covered in the Associate Degree of Sports Business is based on the business and operations of the sports industry and Australia and abroad – an industry which continues to be transformed based on environmental factors. 

What is involved in Sports Business?

The course involves learning about how sports businesses operate, and how they continue to operate in a constantly changing environment. Learning outcomes are maximised by the associate degree’s structure, which tests students’ skills and knowledge in order to emphasise the professional judgement necessary to succeed in the sports sector.

Course structure

Major study areas: – 

  • Principles of sports management 
  • Sports analytics  
  • Sports law and integrity
  • Leadership
  • Sports marketing and brand management 
  • Media and communications, sport in a social context
  • Sports governance and structures 
  • International landscape of sports business

Course Structure

The full-time course structure for the Associate Degree of Sports Business.

The Associate Degree of Sports Business can be completed in two years of full-time study. The degree program is divided into four semesters.

Semester 1

  •  Introduction to Sports Business
  •  Sport and the Social Context
  •  Analytics for Sports Business
  •  Administration for the Sport and Recreation Industry

Semester 2

  •  IT in Sports Business Management
  •  Accounting for Managers
  •  Marketing for the Sport and Recreation Industry
  •  Governance and Policy in Sport and Recreation

Semester 3

  •  International Sport Business
  •  Asset and Risk Management
  •  Sport Recreation and the Law
  •  Statutory Requirements for Sports Business

Semester 4

  •  Sport and Human Resource Management
  •  Health Policy and Politics
  •  Leadership in Sport Business
  •  Building Relationships in Sports Business

Course Outcomes

Discover where the Associate Degree of Sports Business can take you.

Discover where an Associate Degree of Sports Business can take you.

The Associate Degree of Sports Business offers the flexibility to tailor your careers according to individual goals and interests. Regardless of where you see yourself working within the sports industry, your qualification from ACPE will be your ticket to success.

Career Opportunities
  • Sports Managers and Administrators
  • Sports Marketing 
  • Sports Event and Tournament Managers
  • Talent Management
  • Facilities Manager
Further Study Options
  •  ACPE’s Bachelor of Sports Business (Leadership)
  • Graduate Diploma in Sports Administration 
  •  MBA (Master of Business Administration)
  •  Sports Business Research
  •  Postgraduate studies in sports business

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