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Sport Talent Manager

Does watching your favourite sport players on the big screen bring you joy? Imagine the excitement of managing a player and watching them grow before your eyes. If you think you’ve got a knack for identifying and nurturing athletic talent, a career as a Sport Talent Manager might be your calling.

At ACPE, we aim to help students discover how to translate their passion for sport into a budding career. After all, if you spend a large portion of your life working, why not have it be something that ignites your passion every day? We’re here to talk you through what’s involved in becoming a successful Sport Talent Manager.

What’s involved in sport talent management?

Sport Talent Managers are responsible for discovering, developing and representing athletes, helping them reach their full potential. Whether you dream of managing professional athletes, guiding young talents or working in sport agencies, a career as a Sport Talent Manager offers diverse and exciting opportunities.

When managing sport professionals, you must find the perfect balance between nurturing the individual to reach their fullest potential whilst managing and commercialising them to help maximise opportunities for partnerships with national or international brands. This could include appearances, endorsements, PR campaigns, keynote speaking, digital content, social media and more.

How to build a career in sport talent management

  • Complete a relevant qualification 


Building a solid educational foundation is crucial for success in Sport Talent Management. ACPE offers specialised degree programs to provide you with the necessary foundation to succeed in this profession. Our relevant courses to become a Sport Talent Manager include:


This degree encompasses all the finer details of business in sport, including the fundamentals of sport analytics, sport law and integrity, leadership development, sport marketing and brand management, media and communications, the societal role of sport, sport governance and the global framework of sport business.

When studying full-time, you can finish your degree in two years and tailor the degree to your career goals and interests. 


This sport business course in Australia will develop your specialist knowledge, including the sport industry’s administrative, legal, marketing, technological and financial components. You will combine this knowledge with business skills to manage professional and not-for-profit sport organisations, athletes, sporting events and facilities.

  • Gain workplace experience 


While academic knowledge is valuable, hands-on experience is equally vital. That’s why at ACPE, each course includes sport-centred internships or placement opportunities, so you know what to expect before graduating. This practical experience will also elevate your resume to make you a more attractive candidate for future employers.

At ACPE, our career development services promote various industry initiatives and programs to ensure you’re career-ready by the time you graduate. We’ll also support students with building their resume, drafting their cover letter and helping prepare them for interviews.

  • Building essential skills


To thrive as a Sport Talent Manager, your degree will teach you the soft skills needed to excel. You will identify raw talent and potential athletes, negotiate when representing athletes, deal with contracts or endorsements and create development plans and strategies to maximise client potential.

  • Network and build industry connections


Building a strong network is invaluable in the sport industry. ACPE offers numerous opportunities for students to connect with professionals, alumni and industry experts through seminars, workshops and events.

Why you should study at ACPE

At ACPE, we pride ourselves in taking a well-rounded approach to preparing students for their role as future Sport Talent Managers. When studying for a degree at ACPE, it goes far beyond the lecture theatre. You’ll gain hands-on, practical experience for a smooth transition from your studies to the workplace.

Enrol in a course at ACPE to get one step closer to becoming a Sport Talent Manager

A career as a Sport Talent Manager offers a fulfilling journey for those with a passion for sport and a keen eye for talent. By choosing ACPE as your partner in this journey, you’ll receive the support you need to guide you to a rewarding career in sport talent management. Our courses will equip you with a range of transferable skills and experiences, making you a desirable candidate for future employers. At ACPE, it’s more than just a degree. You’re investing in your future.

For other careers in the sport industry, consider pursuing studies to become Head of Sport, a Player Development Manager or a Sport Manager. If you have any questions, contact our team, who would be more than happy to assist you.