ACPE Careers Guide

If you’re soon to be a high school graduate or considering making a career switch to the sports industry, we understand it can be overwhelming. You might not know where to start. At ACPE, we’re home to many courses to pursue a career in sports. These include:

Sport Business

Whether you want to work in admin, legal or marketing in sports management or get into business in sports, our courses will help set you up for success. 


 Sport Coaching

Learn the ins and outs of managing a team through our combined sports theory and practice to help you thrive in a fast-paced work environment. 



Pick from several football courses where you will learn about various career paths in the football industry as a coach, game development manager or even as head of football. 



Browse our range of Health courses at ACPE today. Study a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Exercise to pursue a career in physiotherapy and physiology, major in Fitness to learn health awareness or enrol in Dance to become a choreographer! Consider a career in health promotion or study a blend of fitness, sports science and movement and become a community engagement officer. The choices are endless! 



At ACPE, we take a holistic approach to our physical education courses to equip students with the necessary skills to succeed in their fitness and health education careers. 



Become a professional member of the dance industry and hone your technique, choreography and instruction. From creative producer to dance artist, choreographer or dancer teacher, there’s a whole world of dance careers waiting for you. 


Take the next step and pursue a career in sports at ACPE today 

Our courses are well-rounded to allow students to excel in practical and theoretical components, preparing them for a promising future career. With a 92.7% teaching quality score and a whopping 89.6% overall graduate employment rate, it’s no wonder students choose ACPE to secure their future careers.

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