Discover the Path to Becoming a Player Development Manager at ACPE

Player Development Manager

If you love sports and want to pursue a career that combines your love for the game with an income, you’ve come to the right place. At ACPE, we offer a range of courses that enable you to pursue several careers in the sports industry, one of which is a Player Development Manager. Whether you’re a recent high school graduate or already employed in the sports industry and looking to upskill to pursue a different role, we’re here to help. This one-stop guide will discuss the role of a Player Development Manager and how you can pursue this career.

What is a Player Development Manager?

Player Development Managers are responsible for nurturing and shaping the talents of athletes, helping them reach their full potential on and off the field. They remain at the forefront of fostering a conducive environment for athletes to excel and develop into well-rounded individuals.

As a Player Development Manager, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Managing and implementing programs to ensure players’ development
  • Focusing on the welfare and wellbeing of young athletes
  • Financial management 
  • Developing positive relationships with key stakeholders to achieve player development programs
  • Managing staff to ensure recruitment and retention contribute positively to the player development program

How to pursue a career as a Player Development Manager

  • Firm up your educational background


To embark on a career as a Player Development Manager, a strong educational foundation is a must. A bachelor’s degree in sports management, sports science or a related field is the first step to building a career in sport. At ACPE, we offer a Postgraduate: Graduate Certificate in Athlete Wellbeing and Management that aligns with industry requirements and expectations so you can pursue Player Development Manager opportunities with the necessary skills and experience.

If you already work in the sports industry and require further upskilling, work in another industry and wish to transition to a career in sports or lack the formal qualification for a management role in sports, we’re here to help you climb the ranks to your dream role.

  • Build your practical experience


While having an educational qualification is important, at ACPE, our courses include experience placements so you can be work-ready before receiving your graduate certificate. If you aspire to be a Player Development Manager, we encourage you to engage in internships, volunteer opportunities and part-time roles within the sports community to build your resume and network with industry professionals. If you’re hesitant about whether or not to pursue a career in sports, an internship is the best way to get a taste of what’s to come.

For additional support, our career development services are available to assist you with resume and cover letter writing, interview prep and developing your overall employability skills.

  • Develop key skills


To excel in this role, you must build the following skills:

  • Communication — When working with athletes, coaches and support staff, you must convey feedback and guidance in a clear and motivating manner.
  • Leadership — Strong leadership skills are imperative to guide coaches, support staff and the team towards a common goal.
  • Analytical thinking — You must analyse athletes’ performance, identify areas for improvement and build individualised development plans for players.
  • Network and foster professional relationships


Building a strong network within the sports industry will enable you to advance your career with the help of like-minded people. At ACPE, we host many career fairs, one-on-one advice sessions and employer-led events to help you foster valuable contacts after graduating. These connections can open doors to exciting job prospects and collaborations.

Why you should choose ACPE 

What sets ACPE apart in preparing aspiring individuals for a career as a Player Development Manager is our commitment to holistic development. Our programs not only focus on the technical aspects of sports management but also emphasise the importance of character-building and ethics. You’ll learn from industry professionals and gain experience on the field during your studies, so you don’t feel like you’re starting from the bottom when you graduate. 

Enrol at ACPE and invest in your journey to become a Player Development Manager

ACPE stands as a beacon of excellence in the sports education landscape. We’re Australia’s leading provider of specialist undergraduate and postgraduate sports degrees. We’re committed every step of the way to helping you achieve your dreams in the world of sports. If you’re nervous about taking this next step, rest assured our student learning services are here to offer the support you need, such as 1-on-1 appointments, literacy feedback and useful study information.

View our careers guide to learn more about other sports career opportunities, including Sport Management and Director of Coaching. For any other questions, contact our team, who are happy to assist.