ACPE Coach Mentor Program

Whether you’re a high school graduate, have not yet finished high school or are making a career switch later in life, ACPE is here to help inform you of a range of sports professions you can pursue that you may not even be aware of. One of which is the role of Coach Mentor.

What is a Coach Mentor?

A Coach Mentor is an experienced sports professional who imparts wisdom and provides unwavering support to sports coaches on and off the field.

What is the difference between coaching vs mentoring?

If you’re new to discovering the role of a Coach Mentor, you might be confused as to how it differs from the role of a regular sports coach. If you’re wondering what the difference is between coaching vs mentoring, let us explain:

  • Coaching — A coach primarily focuses on skill development, performance improvement and helping athletes achieve their goals. Unlike mentoring, coaching means asking the right questions so the athlete feels they have the space and trust to reflect on how they can achieve their goals.
  • Mentoring — A Coach Mentor is a more holistic, long-term relationship lasting anywhere from 6 months to years or decades. A mentor acts as a role model to the coach, guiding their career development, personal growth and life skills. It’s development driven and looks to the athlete to decide what they want to achieve and their goals for the mentoring relationship.

The role of a Coach Mentor

Now that we’ve distinguished between the roles of a Coach compared with a Coach Mentor, let’s take a closer look at the responsibilities you would expect from this role:

  • Sharing your knowledge — A Coach Mentor helps aspiring Coaches by sharing their extensive knowledge of the sport.
  • Skill development — A Coach Mentor will work closely with Trainee Coaches to help them build their practical skills, whether designing training programs or perfecting their coaching techniques.
  • Mentorship — Mentoring is a core component of this role. You will be a Coach’s role model, guiding them through their professional conduct, ethics and leadership development. You would instil values in a Sports Coach that go far beyond the sports arena and impact their overall development.
  • Problem-solving skills — A Coach will face challenges in sports they may not feel equipped for. As a Coach Mentor, you must equip Trainee Coaches with problem-solving skills to help them adapt to unforeseen circumstances and make well-informed decisions under pressure.
  • Stay updated with the latest sports developments — A Coach Mentor fosters an environment with continuous learning to encourage Coaches to stay updated with the latest sporting developments, encouraging their commitment to personal and professional growth.

How to pursue a career as a Coach Mentor

Becoming a Coach Mentor requires dedication, experience and a passion for the sport. Through years of experience as a Sports Coach at various levels, you will gain a more comprehensive understanding of what it takes to mentor a Coach.

While experience will take you a long way, you’ll need a formal education in sports science, coaching or a related field to provide you with a solid foundation to become a Coach Mentor. At ACPE, our Undergraduate: Certificate in Sports Coaching is designed to meet the needs of individuals currently working in the sports industry looking to upskill. We understand you may have a lot on your plate as it is. That’s why we provide the convenience of online learning you can complete at your own pace, wherever it suits you.

When you choose to study at ACPE, you allow yourself to network with our teaching staff, some of whom are also employed as Coaches, Coach Developers or even the Head of Player and Coach Development. Our courses have the perfect combination of practical and theoretical components so you can learn the fundamentals and gain valuable experience working with industry professionals. You’ll be work-ready once you graduate, having completed experience placements as part of your studies.

Enrol at ACPE and make a difference as a Coach Mentor

Coach Mentors are the driving force behind the development of Coaches, who play a vital part in shaping athletes’ future. By passing on their knowledge and experience when mentoring aspiring Coaches, they can impact the quality of Coaches in the sports industry and provide a better learning environment for athletes. 

At ACPE, our students reported an 89.6% graduate employment rate and 92.7% score in teaching quality. Learn from the best by enrolling in ACPE. Check out our careers guide to pursue other career options like a High Performance Sport Manager. If you have any queries, contact our team, who would gladly assist.

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