9 things you should know about studying a Sport Business degree in Australia

9 things you should know about studying a Sport Business degree in Australia

Calling all sport lovers!  Are you looking to make a career in the sport industry, but you’re not sure which direction you want to go down? Do you have a head for business and management? Have you seen courses like Associate Degree of Sport Management or Associate Degree of Sport Business and wondered if that sounds like a good fit for you?

If you answered “yes” to any of these, then a degree in sport business could be for you.

Combining your passion for sport with critical business and management skills can open the door to a dream career in the global, multi-billion dollar sport industry.

Here are nine things you should know about the sports business industry.

1. You need passion for sport and business

This may seem obvious, but if you want to excel in a career in the sport industry, you’ll need to live and breathe sport.

On top of that, you need an interest in business and management. You also need to have great people skills.

If that’s you, then keep reading!

2. What is ACPE’s Associate Degree of Sport Business?

ACPE associate degree is a two-year full-time (or part-time equivalent) degree focusing on the business side of sport, both in Australia and overseas.

3. What ACPE’s course covers

Sport business deals not only with athletes and improving their performance, but also the law, business and marketing.

That’s why our key course topics include:

  • principles of sport management
  • sport analytics
  • sport law and integrity
  • leadership
  • sport marketing and brand management
  • media and communications
  • sport in a social context
  • sport governance and structures
  • the international landscape of sport business.

4. No need for other degrees, because ACPE’s course covers everything you need

With ACPE’s degree, you get all the training you need to excel in launching a sport business career, from sport law and integrity, an area that’s becoming ever more complex, to media and communications and the 24-hour news media cycle, to the importance of ever evolving social media platforms.

ACPE will teach you everything you need to know to launch a career in sport business – all you need is a passion for sport, an interest in business and management and the motivation to study!

5. International or Australia: world is your oyster

Studying sport business opens the door to an international career. With the sport industry continuing to grow both in Australia and internationally, with ACPE’s Associate Degree of Sport Business, the world is your oyster.

Don’t want to move overseas but still want to explore the world? You could work with international sport teams, work on the tournament circuit or work with elite athletes and get paid to travel the world.

There are opportunities on every continent, in every type of sport. ACPE’s Associate Degree of Sport Business can help you unlock the world.

6. What are some of the jobs you can do with a sport business degree?

With ACPE’s associate degree, you could launch your career in areas as diverse as a sport manager or administrator in a sporting club, to being an athlete talent manager/agent or tournament manager, or in the high stakes world of sport marketing.

7. Open the door to further study and broaden your options

ACPE’s Associate Degree of Sport Business provides a pathway to ACPE’s Bachelor of Sport Business (Leadership), the only highly focused degree designed to provide students with specialist knowledge of the sport industry and open the doors to many different careers in the sport industry, from elite athlete management to being a sport consultant or a sport business development manager.

This even opens up opportunities for further study, such as postgraduate studies in sport business or a Masters of Business Administration.

8. Why ACPE?

At ACPE, we put our students first. But don’t take our word for it.

In the Australian Government Department of Education’s 2021 QILT (Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching), which includes the Student Experience Survey (SES), students ranked ACPE:

  • #1 for overall student experience in sport business courses
  • #1 for teaching quality in sport business courses
  • #1 for student support in sport business courses.

We’re committed to giving our students the skills, knowledge and experience they need to launch a successful career in the sport industry. That’s why we’re so proud of these outstanding results.

9. Flexible learning

Oh and did we mention that you can study our associate degree online? That’s right – we even offer online options for studying the Associate Degree of Sport Business, so you can have the flexibility you need to study for your dream career.

So if you think ACPE’s Associate Degree of Sport Business may be right for you, head to the course page or get in touch with our friendly ACPE team.

Wherever you see yourself working within the sport industry, your qualification from ACPE will be your ticket to success.

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