Which Health Degree Is Best for You?

Which Health Degree Is Best for You?

It sounds obvious to say, but our health and wellbeing is essential to our every success: for ourselves, for those nearest and dearest to us, and for thriving communities in which we all live, work and play.

So why not consider a career in a health or health science field?

At ACPE, we believe in supporting you to pursue your career dreams through a range of targeted degree offerings. That’s why our three-year full-time (or part-time equivalent) Bachelor of Health Science (Fitness)Bachelor of Health Science (Exercise) and Bachelor of Health Science (Dance) degrees are great options to help you launch a career in the health and health science industries.

We’re also excited to be adding two new degrees to the mix in 2023: our Bachelor of Health Promotion and our Bachelor of Physical Activity for Health – also three-year full-time (or part-time equivalent) courses. Alongside our physical education and physical degree courses, we think it’s a terrific suite to choose from.

Our offer also reflects the growing focus of governments on addressing community health challenges – and the need for a highly skilled workforce to support it, with the Australian Department of Health’s Australia’s Long Term National Health Plan, published in 2019, outlining its aim to build the world’s best health system supported by an expected investment of more than $400 billion. 

Simply put, health is a big ticket item on our national agenda, and the health industry can be a great place to consider a career. 

So how do I choose a degree?

We know that choosing a course of study is not always easy – after all, it’s a decision that can have a big influence your future. 

If you’re set on a future in health-related fields, that’s a great start. Consider the degrees ACPE offers in this area, the types of career opportunities that graduates of these degrees might be able to pursue, and what kinds of areas of study and work interest (or don’t interest!) you. Breaking it down might help you clarify what direction you want to head.

What are our degrees about, you ask?

Bachelor of Health Promotion

Our new Bachelor of Health Promotion degree has been designed for students wanting to pursue a career in health-related fields with a particular focus on health promotion. Health promotion practitioners are responsible for the planning, development, implementation and evaluation of health promotion policies and projects aimed at preventing disease and promoting health in the community. 

“With the Australian Government’s stated commitment to preventive health, we see an opportunity to help educate the next generation of people hoping to build a career in the health industry,” says Debbie Le Roux, CEO of ACPE. “We’ve designed our new Bachelor of Health Promotion degree to ensure that graduates have the knowledge and skills required to be employed in a growing health industry and contribute to future health initiatives.”

Bachelor of Health Science (Dance)

If you’re ready to take your love of dance and movement to the next level, then ACPE’s Bachelor of Health Science (Dance) is perfect for you.

It’s a specialised degree that uniquely combines the art of dance with health and scientific principles, meaning you’ll graduate with a qualification that offers substantial vocational skill and expertise across the breadth of the health science and dance discipline. That’s a perfect educational recipe for aspiring dance practitioners, health and dance researchers, dance educators and dance therapists alike!

Graduates can find employment opportunities in a range of private and public institutions, with further study options available if you want to forge a career in the education or health industry.

The Bachelor of Health Science (Fitness)

If you’re thinking about becoming a high-level professional fitness leader working in the health and fitness industry – or you’re a practising or potential personal trainer and fitness professional seeking to broaden your skills – ACPE’s Bachelor of Health Science (Fitness) will arm you with the skills you need to be a success.  

It’s a hands-on degree that helps you build a comprehensive understanding of human biomedical science underpinned by fitness industry skills and professional communication skills to prepare you to work with a wide range of people with varying fitness levels, abilities and ages. And you’ll graduate ready to enjoy a range of career options and have the potential for continued career growth. 

The Bachelor of Health Science (Exercise)

The Bachelor of Health Science (Exercise) offers you a perfect career path if you’re looking to enhance your knowledge and skills through further studies in the biomedical and professional health fields.

This course will help you to develop a strong foundation in the application, implementation and evaluation of healthy lifestyles and exercise. You’ll also build a broad understanding of biomedicine and exercise science fields while exploring the role of the sociocultural aspects that underpin lifestyle opportunities. You’ll be introduced to strategies aimed at bringing about individual and community change. It’s the perfect starting point for a career in sports and exercise science or research, among other areas.

As an Australian college of sports science, health, physical education and physical degree courses, sometimes also known as a college for BPED (or B Ed PHE to be precise), ACPE offers courses designed for everyone’s unique needs.

Want to chat more about which health degree fits you best? Get in touch with our friendly ACPE team.

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