Why should you build a career in the sport business industry?

Why should you build a career in the sport business industry?
How to secure a career in the sports business industry

There’s never been a more exciting time to start a career in the sports business industry. The industry is growing, it’s constantly changing and there are more opportunities than ever to build your dream career by following your passion. As Aussies, we sure do love our sport!

Sports business is also just that: a business. There are big bucks and limitless potential both in Australia and overseas for you to create a fulfilling and exciting career.

So how can you build a career in the sports business industry?

At ACPE, we pride ourselves on delivering a top quality sport business degree with our Bachelor of Sports Business Leadership. Our degree is the only highly focused sports leadership course in Australia, which will give you the theoretical and technical knowledge to create a career as a manager or operator in the sports business industry, either nationally or internationally.

A three-year full-time (or part-time equivalent) degree, our degree is delivered fully online (subject to availability), giving you the flexibility to complete your degree from anywhere.

As a sports leadership course, our degree provides specialist knowledge of the sports industry combined with business skills that will allow you to manage professional and not-for-profit sports organisations, athletes, sporting events and tournaments. You will learn about how sports businesses operate, with particular emphasis on marketing, management and administration.

Taught by industry professionals and including the opportunities for sports-focused internships and placements, the degree gives students an understanding of the administrative, legal and financial aspects of sports business, as well as the means to develop the necessary capabilities to adapt to the changing landscape of domestic and international sport.

Key study areas include principles of sports management, sports analytics, sports law and integrity, leadership, sports marketing and brand management, media and communications, sport in a social context, sports governance and structures and the international landscape of sports business. As well as this, you’ll engage with sports organisations, which provide opportunities for internships as well as real life projects that students can work on and apply their sports business knowledge.

But don’t take our word for it…find out what other students have to say!

At ACPE, we put our students first. In the recent Australian Government Department of Education’s QILT (Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching 2021), ACPE students ranked us in the Student Experience Survey as being:

  • #1 for overall student experience in sport business courses
  • #1 for teaching quality in sport business courses
  • #1 for student support in sport business courses.

We’re committed to giving our students the skills, knowledge and experience they need to launch a successful career in the sport industry. That’s why we’re so proud of these outstanding results.

Apart from our fantastic degree, here’s a few more reasons why you should consider a career in sports business.

1. Sport business is growing

The global sport market is projected to be worth US$614 billion by the end of 2022!  That’s a staggering figure that shows no signs of slowing down.

2. Influence communities through diversity and inclusion

One of the most exciting developments in sport both in Australia and around the world is the growth in community teams, professional teams, tournaments and events that champion diversity causes, women’s initiatives and the environment.

Just think about the creation of the incredibly popular AFLW – the Australia Football League’s Women’s division. There are also clubs and global events for the LGBTQI+ community. Or new sports being admitted in the Olympic Games. Or professional leagues that have sprung from community clubs, like Ultimate Frisbee, which is huge in the United States and Canada and becoming increasingly popular in Australia.

And that’s just scratching the surface. There’s huge potential for expansion.

3. Be a driver for change through corporate responsibility

On top of diversity and inclusion, as sustainability and ethics become more important to consumers, more companies are looking to support sport, clubs and events that try to tackle social justice challenges such as providing programs and opportunities to important causes such as disadvantaged kids in developing countries, and disability diversity and inclusion programs.

4. Follow your passion and turn it into a long-term career

You love sport and this is a way to build a dream career either in Australia or overseas, especially if you have an interest in newer sport business fields like women’s sports or even working with world-renowned brands.

5. Open your options and enjoy flexibility

No two careers in the sport business industry look the same – there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Given sport organisations range from small community clubs to multi-billion-dollar behemoth entities, you can create a career that suits you, your lifestyle and your goals.

And with ACPE’s sport degree, there’s a variety of careers available, ranging from sport managers and administrators, to talent managers for athletes, to sport events and tournament managers, to sport consultants.

6. Engage in continuous learning

Evolve with your passion. As a nation who loves sport, there’s still plenty of opportunity to take your chosen field of study to new heights. If you want to do further study, with ACPE’s degree you can go on to a MBA (Masters of Business Administration), sport research or postgraduate studies in sport business.

The pathways are limitless.

So if you’re looking at a career in the sport business industry, get in touch with our friendly ACPE team to see if ACPE’s Bachelor of Sports Business Leadership course is right for you.

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