Good News Story – Fernando Saldana

Good News Story – Fernando Saldana

First year Bachelor of Coaching (S&C) student, Frenando Saldana, has been successful in securing a Fitness Trainer position with FIRE Fit Studios in Alexandria. Prior to submitting his application he met with ACPE’s Career Advisor for recruitment advice and support.

What is the name of your new position and company?

I am a Fitness Trainer at FIRE Fit Studios Alexandria.

At FIRE Fit we create training programs for people to follow along with in the studio. Many of the programs are cardio based and include strength elements. I am responsible for the strength and conditioning programs. 

This has been a great experience for me, as I am able to apply learnings from the Bachelor of Coaching (Strength and Conditioning) in the studio. Clients love that I can explain things in technical terms, commenting that the experience is different from traditional personal training.

What was the recruitment process like?

I applied through Instagram and was required to submit a resume and cover letter. I received an email to tell me I had been shortlisted.

I attended an interview at the Alexandria office, with the business owner and club manager. They asked why I was into fitness, why I chose strength and conditioning as a career and wanted details of relevant experience. They also asked why I was the right trainer for the FIRE Fit studio.

How did you learn about the Industry Hub and the career development appointments we offer?

I learnt about the service at orientation week (O-week). I attended an Industry Hub session where I learnt about ACPE’s Career Service and signed up for the Careers Hub. I receive email notifications from the Careers Hub about opportunities and this reminded me to book in an appointment.

What sort of assistance did you receive in your appointment that you found most useful?

I found it helpful to have my resume reviewed and get advice on the best way to present information. Once I let the Career Advisor (India-Rose) know that I had an interview I received some sample interview questions with potential answers. This was useful going into the interview.

What recommendations do you have for fellow students?

Visit the Careers Development department!

Make sure you research the organisation and be prepared to communicate why you want the job –choose something you want to do and are interested in. Something you are passionate about is easy to talk about.


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