ACPE graduate lands role with Basketball Tasmania

ACPE graduate lands role with Basketball Tasmania

Marnie Stephenson, ACPE Alumna – Class of 2020 (Bachelor of Sports Business), has always enjoyed sport and a career in sport is what drew her interest when the time came to consider her study options. While researching these options, she found ACPE and the Bachelor of Sports Business (Leadership) degree. Turning her passion for sport into a career was a key driver for Marnie and she was immediately drawn to studying at ACPE due to the many benefits that come with being an ACPE student. Marnie shared with us, “Whilst at high school trying to figure out what I wanted to do as a career, the only passion I had was sport. I knew I wanted to get into the business/management side of sport and after a bit of research ACPE offered the course I wanted, along with subjects I knew I would find interesting. The opportunity to gain industry experience while studying was also a big factor in my decision to study with ACPE”.

Marnie recently made the move from Sydney to Basketball Tasmania HQ in Launceston, after landing a full-time role with the organisation as their Events and Marketing Coordinator. After recently completing her studies with ACPE, Marnie knew straight away that this was the role that could kickstart her career in Sports Administration. Marnie saw the position advertised online and immediately knew she was interested in applying. “To apply for this role, I needed to provide a letter of introduction, answering the criteria and my CV. The application process was extremely detailed and thorough. The ACPE Careers team, Simone in particular, was extremely helpful when I approached them as an alumnus to assist with my application process. Simone was very accessible during this process and was extremely thorough to ensure I submitted the best possible application.”

In addition to helping Marnie with her CV and documentation, the ACPE Careers team organised a mock interview with Marnie to ensure she felt prepared and confident for her official interview with Basketball Tasmania. “To prepare me for my first interview both Simone and Michael took time out of their schedules to do a mock interview with me. This prepared me for the majority of the questions Basketball Tasmania later asked in my interview. The assistance from the ACPE Careers Team was extremely beneficial as I believed it allowed the best possible chance to receive an interview for my current job.”

Work experience was an integral part of Marnie’s studies during her degree. Pursuing work experience allowed her to have hands on experience in a variety of aspects for a professional sporting team as well as seeing first-hand how these studies were relevant in the industry. She was able to get involved in the sports administration environment through being involved with memberships, corporate activities and events.

Marnie went on to say “Work placement while studying is a valuable opportunity which provides students with experience in the career field, they wish to engage in. Not only does this provide individuals an advantage over other applicants when applying for jobs, it also prepares them for what to expect in their field and increases confidence in their work”.

The Careers Team at ACPE works tirelessly to provide industry connections with potential employer and its one and goal is to get you JOB READY.

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