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Career development services

Career Development Services understands the formula that leads to graduate success and your dream job:


Career Development Services aims to maximise students’ career opportunities by providing specialist services and activities that ensure all graduates complete their degrees with a competitive edge in the marketplace.

The Career Development team supports students and faculties by:

  • Delivering a range of career services and activities including individual and group career planning sessions, job search, resume and interview advice, career management workshops, industry visits, networking events and career conferences
  • Managing and promoting online career tools and information
  • Identifying, facilitating and promoting industry links, placements, work experience, internships and employment opportunities
  • Managing ACPE’s Job and Work Experience Board
  • Managing school professional experience partnerships and placements
  • Supporting Work Integrated Learning across courses
  • Assisting alumni in managing their transition to work and further study.

Volunteering and work experience

One of ACPE’s core strengths is our relationship with organisations and businesses within the sports, health, fitness, education and performing arts industry.

Whatever degree you are studying, make sure you maximise the likelihood of achieving your career goals and landing your dream job. Here’s how:

  1. Take to heart the motto ACPE degree + career management skills = Employment success
  2. Aim to stand out from the pack and build your experience, resume and networks
  3. Actively seek volunteer, work experience, intern and paid work opportunities
  4. Recognise that unpaid work now is the foundation for paid work in the future
  5. Contact the experts in Career Development Services for advice, industry contacts and support.


Career Development Services are located on the 3rd Floor of our Sydney Olympic Park campus.

We are open Monday to Friday throughout the year, including semester breaks.

Please email for appointments or contact us via Student Services Reception Desk on the Ground Floor.