Another Championship secured at the Super W by Elite Athlete Emily Robinson

Another Championship secured at the Super W by Elite Athlete Emily Robinson
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A couple of weeks ago our very own Emily Robinson along with our Arabella McKenzie represented NSW at the Super W, where they won the Super W crown with a thrilling 8-5 victory over arch-rivals QLD.

This makes for back-to-back titles for NSW.

The competition in NSW is strong. The girls are competing for their spots in every training session, leading to a very high standard among the players. NSW is the team with targets on their backs, so we always need to be two steps ahead, Emily said.

In addition to being selected for the Wallaroos first team once again also earned a spot on’s Team of the Year.

 “I’m not the best student,” Emily confessed. “I really want to finish my Bachelor of Health and Movement, but rugby is my top priority right now. You’re in constant selection mode and always training hard to win.”

 She admits that it is very tough so she is very grateful for Maureen, Director of Student Services and Campus Wellbeing. She makes sure she is well looked after.

 Seven years might be a long time to keep studying, but Emily fits her course around her sporting commitments and paid employment. “ACPE has been very good at keeping me on track – they provide a great service to elite athletes,” she said. “It’s reassuring to know that once I’ve stopped playing, I’ll have my degree behind me.”

 Living on Sydney’s northern beaches, Emily played rugby union with the Narrabeen Tigers Junior Rugby Club between the ages of 9 and 13, when she stopped because girls didn’t play past this age. Determined to have a future in the game, she got back into rugby with the Warringah Rats open women’s team at 15 years old. Since then, she’s captained the side to Grand Final victory in 2017.

 Emily has been a member of the Wallaroos squad since 2014 making her debut in 2016. “It was in New Zealand at Eden Park, and it felt amazing to be standing on the field, singing the national anthem in front of my parents, brother and best friend,” she said.

 This is her fourth time making the squad.

 The rest of 2019 and 2020 are exciting times, but not without challenges. The Wallaroos have two tests against Japan and another two against powerhouse New Zealand.

She is, of course, hoping to make the final Wallaroos team and knock off her Degree with ACPE, so to say she has a lot on her plate would be an understatement.

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