Waterpolo NSW Talent Squad calls ACPE home

Waterpolo NSW Talent Squad calls ACPE home
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ACPE are pleased to announce our new partnership with Waterpolo NSW (WPNSW). The partnership will see WPNSW and ACPE working closely together to provide a holistic pathway for our Nationally Identified athletes involved in the NSW Talent Squad program. WPNSW are determined to create a pathway for athletes to develop, strengthen and grow into world class athletes. This collaboration will allow WPNSW athletes to be training in and out of the pool under qualified coaches with programs designed specifically towards water polo performance.

The partnership with ACPE will see the NSW Talent Athletes utilising the outstanding gym facilities at ACPE with the support of their qualified Coaches delivering the program. The new partnership will create exciting opportunities for ACPE students to receive an internship with WPNSW, working in sport development, strength and conditioning and event management. The program will create a great entry point for students looking to study and gain hands on experience with a State level organisation. In addition, WPNSW athletes will gain further support and guidance around future study opportunities with ACPE.

The WPNSW CEO Alex Godbold has expressed his excitement over this new partnership saying, “We are excited to see this partnership develop over the next year. It is a great opportunity for our upcoming athletes and Coaches to be involved in.”

Michael McKnight, ACPE Partnerships Manager, shared “We are looking forward to working with WPNSW to support their athletes and to provide new development opportunities in the classroom. Through this partnership, ACPE students will have access to exclusive learning opportunities right on campus allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of the process that exist within sport.”.

If you would like to learn more about Waterpolo NSW visit their website here


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