ACPE partners with One Wellbeing!

ACPE partners with One Wellbeing!

ACPE is excited to announce that we have partnered with One Wellbeing!

What this means is that this will provide an alternate pathway into university for athletes that complete a Certificate III and IV with One Wellbeing through its RTO ‘One Training’.

After putting over 1000 athletes through various education courses over the last 10 years, this partnership allows athletes to have a clear progression pathway in their education journey no matter what their starting point.
By cementing this partnership, athletes who have an interest in health, fitness and movement have a clear path all the way from a 4 week short course to a degree

“ACPE’s new partnership with One Wellbeing makes perfect sense. Through this partnership, student-athletes now have a clearer education pathway and can therefore better plan their transition from athlete on to their next career. We look forward to collaborating with One Wellbeing in supporting student-athletes at each step of their personal and professional journey.” Gareth Long-Director of Program Innovation & Development at ACPE

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