ACPE and NSW Goalball launch partnership

ACPE and NSW Goalball launch partnership

ACPE and NSW Goalball have confirmed a new partnership that will create new learning opportunities for ACPE students and provide increased levels of athlete support and development for NSW Goalball.

Gareth Long, Director of Program Innovation and Development at ACPE, shared that “ACPE are very excited to be partnering with NSW Goalball. It is vital that students on ACPE’s Sports Coaching, Sports Business, and Health Science degrees gain opportunities to put into practice the knowledge and skills they are acquiring on their course, and the opportunity to do this within such a fantastic sport and with such a leading sporting organisation is excellent. ACPE are committed to supporting NSW Goalball, its players, and staff, in any way possible in their quest to develop the sport of Goalball across Australia and on the global stage.”

Nic Watkins, Chairperson at NSW Goalball, shared his excitement by stating “On behalf of all of our members at NSW Goalball I am genuinely excited by this partnership and the mutually beneficial opportunities it provides. Despite being a small sport, the historic results at the Tokyo Paralympics from our Aussie Belles proved that Australia could hold our own against the best teams in the world. 

“The biggest challenge we face is accessing the resources required to provide adequate opportunities for our athletes to train, develop and compete. As a result, partnerships such as these are critical to creating an environment that can help take us to the next level.”

“This partnership will not only help our senior players enhance their skills and strength, making us more competitive on the international stage but it also provides ACPE students and alumni an invaluable opportunity to get real-world experience working with a Paralympic sport.”

ACPE has already been an amazing supporting of ours by providing access to their terrific facilities and we look forward to continuing this relationship for years to come.”

About Goalball/NSW Goalball

Goalball is a team sport designed for blind and vision impaired athletes, however sighted individuals can also play. It has been in the Paralympics since 1976. NSW Goalball is a recognised State Sporting Organisation for people with Disabilities (SSOD). In addition to providing training and competition opportunities they as well deliver educational programs. Click here to learn more.

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