ACPE and Netball NSW Announce Partnership

ACPE and Netball NSW Announce Partnership

Neighbouring organisations, The Australian College of Physical Education (ACPE) and Netball NSW (NNSW) have confirmed a one-year partnership agreement. The agreement will allow ACPE students to have greater access to the local sports industry through internship opportunities and guest-speaker appearances provided by Netball NSW. Additionally, the partnership will improve the level of access to education opportunities for both NNSW members and the wider netball community in the areas of sport, health, fitness, education, and dance.

Michael McKnight, Partnerships Manager at ACPE, shared his excitement for the partnership; “ACPE students and alumni will be exposed to new learning opportunities through partnering with Netball NSW, at a time when it is most valuable to them,” he said.

“We are excited to provide new education opportunities for the staff, members and wider community of Netball NSW and to showcase the flexible and supportive learning environment of ACPE.

“The sports industry is evolving, and we are looking forward to supporting Netball NSW and the next generation of sports professionals that exist within its membership.”

Steve Neal, Executive General Manager of Commercial & Marketing at NNSW, said he was delighted the organisations were in partnership again; “Netball NSW is always looking for fresh and innovative opportunities for our netball community,” he said.

“ACPE are world-leading in their field and highlight the many ways you can develop a career in sport across many different areas.

“They are passionate about what they do, and I know their programs will appeal to many of our participants, be they players, coaches, officials or administrators.

“We look forward to working closely with ACPE over the next 12 months to engage our members with some of the best educators in the sports industry.”

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