The Australian Strength and Conditioning Association enjoying life at ACPE

The Australian Strength and Conditioning Association enjoying life at ACPE

In recent years, ACPE has positioned itself as a hub for industry-leading organisations and associations both across NSW and Australia to call the state-of-the-art campus home. The Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA) has done exactly that and has been delivering programs and courses out of ACPE for the last four years.

The Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA) is an incorporated non-profit organisation and is the peak national body for strength and conditioning (S&C) professionals in Australia.  As the peak industry body, the ASCA aims to ensure and enhance quality-assured strength and conditioning coaches. Over the last four years, ASCA have been running level 1, 2 and 3 strength and conditioning courses out of ACPE for the next wave of strength and conditioning professionals. Together, the three courses cover all levels of sport, ranging from grassroots and community all the way up to Elite and international level. An ASCA accreditation can open up a wide range of employment opportunities for individuals across all levels, this is detailed in ASCA’s official scope of practice document.

David Boyle, ASCA Board Member, Level 3 Master Coach and ACPE lecturer, shared how ACPE’s campus had created the perfect learning and performance environment for all participants “The ACPE facilities have been excellent in providing gymnasium and indoor training facilities. The lecturing facilities and proximity to accommodation, public transport, parking and catering make it a pleasure for presenters and participants, from Sydney, interstate and internationally. The ACPE staff and students have welcomed the ASCA Courses to campus with their participants.” ACPE students enrolled in a Bachelor of Sports Coaching themselves can look forward to completing the ASCA level 1 course as an additional certification within the degree at ACPE.

If ACPE students or alumni are interested in learning more about ASCA or enquiring about their eligibility for a course, they can look up the website for course dates, The ASCA runs specialised courses for the Australian Physiotherapy Association (one day course) & Australian Chiropractic Association (one day course). and Level 1 Tactical Strength and Conditioning Courses.

ACPE and ASCA will continue to collaborate for the remainder of 2020, delivering courses and creating new and exciting opportunities for the wider ACPE community. ACPE sports coaching students can look forward to ACPE organising opportunities for students to hear first-hand from some of the leading minds in strength and conditioning with ASCA through guest speaking appearances and more.

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