The ACPE Alumni Game Changers: Hayley Osborn, Class of 2012

The ACPE Alumni Game Changers: Hayley Osborn, Class of 2012
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Since graduating ACPE in 2012 with a Bachelor of Sports Business, Hayley Osborn has been applying her knowledge across the world and in multiple sporting codes. With a passion for the commercialization of sport on both a national and global scale, Hayley has worked with some of the leading minds in sport across three different continents. Hayley is the first to admit that there has been some long hours and sleepless nights along the way, but with a mindset towards professional development and a clear passion for the industry she has taken it all in her stride as an ACPE Alumna. Through her current role as the Corporate Partnership Manager at MLS side, D.C United, Hayley has been able to apply her skills throughout the COVID-19 bubble as soccer returned to play in America. We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to catch up with Hayley as an ‘ACPE Alumni Game Changer and discuss her global career experience.

What is your name and what year did you graduate from ACPE?

Hayley Osborn, Bachelor of Sports Business, 2012

Why did you choose to study with ACPE?

I decided to study at ACPE because I was interested in the commercialization of sport on a national and global scale and ACPE specializes in this area.

What were some of your standout memories from your time studying with ACPE?

Attending class and using real life commercial sports examples in all my assignments and exams! My lecturers and classmates were also great.

How did your ACPE Sports Business degree set you up with the knowledge and skillset to gain positions with leading organizations such as the Sydney Roosters? 

ACPE provided an excellent network and many practical opportunities. Having a degree specifically in sport allowed me to stand out during that initial interview process. It was a great degree that gave me a well-rounded understanding of sports marketing and economics.

 So far in your career you have been able to successfully combine your passion for Sport and Business on the international stage. What has your journey looked like since walking the graduation stage at ACPE in 2011? 

The journey has been exciting and sometimes I need to remind myself to enjoy every moment. From Sydney to Adelaide to UK/Europe and now the US the focus has always been on growing professionally. I’ve enjoyed working in Rugby League, Tourism, Cycling, Transport and Soccer. There have been many sleepless nights, long hours and time away from family but I have found myself in the most unique situations in sporting history.

What have you learned about working in Sports Business internationally and how has this helped you build your skills and knowledge?

The skills I learnt at the start of my career in Australia can be applied globally. It is amazing to work with people across the globe and gaining experience within different cultures, languages and sports. If you listen and learn you will grow.

 You are currently the Corporate Partnerships Manager at DC United. 2020 has been a whirlwind of a year for everyone, how have you managed throughout this time in your role and are there some key learnings and experiences that stand out to you that you will continue to apply in the future? 

D.C. United during this time and especially my direct team have been an invaluable network of support for me. Major League Soccer is growing at an unprecedented rate and this year celebrated 25 years. Recently I really enjoyed the opportunity to bring my skills to the MLS is Back “bubble tournament” at ESPN in Orlando for 20 days and under strict health protocols. I’ve learnt more than ever that sport is important to so many people in different ways and we work in sports to bring that inclusion, excitement and passion to people’s lives.

 What is next up for Hayley Osborn? Is a return to ACPE on the cards perhaps?

Maybe in a virtual way for now! I would love to share my experiences further or teach ACPE students. I have a few lessons that may help students learn from my mistakes and avoid some unnecessary pain!

Do you have any advice for current ACPE students looking to pursue their passion for Sport and Business both in Australia and internationally?

Work hard, never turn down an opportunity even within a different industry, network and always keep in mind how you can grow that 1% each day.

Anyone who would like to connect via my LinkedIn it would be great to hear from you.

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