“Hard work always pays off in the end!” with Macarthur FC’s Jake McGing

“Hard work always pays off in the end!” with Macarthur FC’s Jake McGing

At ACPE we take pride in both our vast partnership network and our elite athletes, we love it even more when the two come together. Such is the case with ACPE partner Macarthur FC and elite student athlete Jake McGing, who is currently playing as a right back for Macarthur FC. The Campbelltown local played his junior football with local club the Eschol Park Wolves before representing Macarthur Rams from u/10-12s, he’s now come home to represent his local area on the professional A-Legue stage. Jake passes on some wisdom for the next generation of football hopefuls below:

Please tell us about your journey as an athlete and how you got to where you are today?

Football has always been something that I’ve loved since I can remember. It was a dream of mine to one day play professionally so with a lot of hard work and a bit a luck I managed to fulfil that dream. I’ve been lucky enough to play all around Australia, truly fulfilling my childhood dream.

Throughout your career so far, you have managed to balance sporting success whilst balancing education with ACPE. How did you find this balance and what tips would you have for young athletes in balancing education and sport?

For me, because of sport, I’ve always found that getting into routine always helps so I use that same approach to my study and it has been working great. The support from Student Services has also allowed me to find a routine that works for me.

What were some of the key decisions you made as a 16/17/18 year-old that helped set you up for where you are today?

At that age I really made a conscious decision to do everything in my power to try to make it as a professional football player. I put my all into it and truly dedicated myself to making it.

How does the ACPE Elite Athlete, Performer and Coach Program assist you as a student athlete?

The elite athlete program has been amazing for me because they have been so supportive and they also give me the flexibility to fit my studies into my sporting life. As I mentioned I’ve dedicated myself to my professional career, the elite program for me means that I don’t need to sacrifice studying and getting an education.

What are three skills that you think athletes must have in today’s world to set them up for future success in sport, education and gaining future employment?

I think the main points would be to work as hard as you can, take yourself out of your comfort zone (whether that’s public speaking or putting yourself out there for people to see) and do something that you really love or are interested in. The combination of passion and hard work is so essential to success in any area.

What do you enjoy most about being an ACPE student?

I enjoy being able to better myself through the new learning opportunities that ACPE offers through the courses. I get to find new areas of interest, and go deeper into topics I know I love. ACPE allowed me to tailor my studies to my lifestyle, I really feel seen at the college.

Do you have any parting advice for junior athletes/students?

The more effort you put into something whether that’s study or everyday life the better the rewards will be!! Hard work always pays off in the end!

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