Recruiters Reveal Top 5 in Demand Skills

Recruiters Reveal Top 5 in Demand Skills
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1. Adaptability

Technology is evolving, industries are shifting, social media is dominant, and new market trends require a quick response. Employers value candidates who can demonstrate an ability to adapt to these changes.

How to best show your adaptability:

The best way to demonstrate your flexibility is by citing examples from previous roles.

This includes recent courses you have undertaken to broaden your skill set, or instances when you have adapted to new technology or new client expectations. Using examples allows you to prove your skills while demonstrating to the interviewer how you could add value to their team or department.


2. Analytical thinking

Analytical thinking involves breaking down complex information into smaller parts. Employers look for employees with the ability to investigate a problem and find a solution in a timely, efficient manner.

How to best demonstrate analytical thinking:

Potential employers expect evidence of your analytical skills. Bring it to life with real examples that show the impact you have made using these skills.

Employers recommend that you structure your examples by using the ‘STAR’ model:

  • Situation (to set the context for your story)
  • Task (what is required of you)
  • Action (what you did) and
  • Result (what was achieved)

    3. A proactive approach

A proactive approach is when you make things happen, instead of waiting for them to happen to you. So if you are proactive, you are ready before something happens. A proactive approach is required as more organisations are moving quickly and easily.

How to best demonstrate a proactive approach:

To demonstrate this skill, you need to create a narrative in your resume that explains how you have achieved your goals. For example, during an interview, answer questions by first describing the environment you have come from and how you met your goals in that setting. In summary, describing challenges and letting the interviewer understand how you have strived to achieve your goals is demonstrating your proactive approach.

4. Empathy

Soft skills are critical in any job. However, it seems as though the capacity to understand what another person is experiencing and to have an accurate understanding of another person’s feelings is what employers are looking for.

Employers are often seeking candidates who are empathetic to customer needs:

  • How to demonstrate empathy
  • Paraphrase what the interviewer is saying
  • Maintain clear eye-contact

For example, when an interviewer asks about work experience related to an open position, maintain eye contact to indicate a clear focus while they are speaking and nod in acknowledgement, if appropriate. You should also list Empathy as a skill in your CV.

5. Resilience

The ability to manage pressure and work effectively under duress is invaluable no matter the industry. You have to be comfortable with failure and able to get back up again. This includes welcoming criticism and being able to apply it to your work. To best demonstrate resilience describe how you have effectively managed significant change in the workplace, whether that be changes to your work environment or your roles and responsibilities.

Ask yourself, what was the outcome of these changes and how did you continue to excel?

If it is suitable, bolden specific keywords in your resume to place extra emphasis on what you want your potential employer to see.

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