Future-proof your dance career with ACPE’s course of Dance Education

Future-proof your dance career with ACPE’s course of Dance Education
Future proof Your Dance Career with

Dance is one of the most wonderful forms of creative and artistic expression – and those who create a career in dance find it extremely rewarding.

But it’s not always easy to have a long career in a physically demanding industry: so how do you future-proof your career in dance?

That’s where the Australian College of Physical Education (ACPE) comes in.

ACPE is known for being a leading Australian college of dance – and for good reason: we have two of the most practical choices for a Bachelor of Dance Australia has to offer. 

Our Bachelor of Dance Education is a specialist professional qualification that will help you build a foundation for the lifelong development of skills and attributes appropriate to professional teachers. You’ll be combining dance, health, physical education and teaching into one degree, so you’ll be accredited in two teaching methods for the secondary school system: as a Dance teacher and as a Personal Development, Health, and Physical Education (PDHPE) teacher. The degree is also accredited by the NSW Education Standards Authority. 

You’ll also be able to apply your skills and knowledge in other educational settings such as private dance studios or conducting performances in schools. And ACPE is the only provider of Dance Education degrees in Australia – which means that we’re uniquely positioned to help you launch your future in teaching dance!

Teaching can be one of the most satisfying paths you can take. After all, educating future generations is fundamental to our community’s development and progress. 

“I love teaching – it’s so wonderful to watch children learn and grow,” says Katie Duynhoven, a Bachelor of Dance Education graduate. You can hear from other students and graduates about their experiences in working towards a career in dance in a video you’ll find on the Bachelor of Dance Education course page, which is also loaded with more course information.

Units range from dance history and theory to the science of anatomy and physiology, plus practical studio time to learn about dance styles from the classical to the contemporary. It’s taught in a flexible format via lectures, tutorials, dance classes, performance workshops and seminars.

To ensure you’re ready for the classroom, you’ll also undertake four school-based professional experience placements, which helps you see how your skills can translate to educational settings.

Can I end up in a career other than dance?

Totally! Dance skills are useful for so many other careers. Many of the skills you’ll learn in the Bachelor of Dance Education will help you wherever you land in life – be it dance, another area of the performing arts, or something totally different. You’ll learn to communicate effectively; work and collaborate with others; self-discipline and patience; time management and working to deadlines; how to manage stressful situations; health and wellbeing; how to be organised; and how to build confidence to perform and present in front of audiences. All of these are terrific transferable skills to future-proof your career – whatever it may be.

What if I’m not sure if teaching is right for me?

If you’re not sure yet about whether a career in teaching dance is right for you, that’s fine too!

ACPE’s three-year full-time Bachelor of Dance Practice could be a great way to test the waters while still attaining a degree. The Bachelor of Dance Practice combines the best of practical knowledge with theory in an industry-recognised degree that’s perfect for people who don’t anticipate a career as a teacher of dance in secondary schools but want to build a solid career within the dynamic dance industry – as well as for those who are still unsure if teaching is their thing. That’s because the Bachelor of Dance Practice is also a pathway course to our Bachelor of Dance Education: you can start studying the Bachelor of Dance Practice but continue on into the Bachelor of Dance Education using the course units you’ve already taken.

Education degree entry requirements

Considering an education degree?

An education degree is known as an “initial teacher education” or “ITE” course.

At ACPE, we offer two ITE courses: the Bachelor of Dance Education and the Bachelor of Education (Physical and Health Education).

Strict direct entry requirements into ITE courses are set out by the New South Wales Education Standards Authority (NESA). 

What happens if you don’t meet these requirements?

That’s why ACPE pathway degrees, like the Bachelor of Dance Practice.  We know that you want to keep your career options open. Pathway degrees to an education degree are a great option for students who don’t meet the NESA requirements.

Entry to ITE courses may be granted either direct or indirect entry, and you’ll also need to pass the National Literacy and Numeracy Test (LANTITE). You can read more about these requirements on pages 5-6 of the ACPE Admissions Information Set here.

In addition to ACPE’s entry requirements, this course requires an audition (linked to standards of dance technique and dance composition). Auditions are held weekly – so feel free to reach out to book your spot.

If you need help navigating the above requirements, reach out to our friendly ACPE team to help you navigate the multiple pathways open to your dream career in dance!

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