Final year ACPE student one step closer to achieving career goals in Physiotherapy

Final year ACPE student one step closer to achieving career goals in Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a very competitive course to get into and fortunately the Health Science (Exercise) degree at ACPE covers all the eligibility requirements to study the Doctorate of Physiotherapy at Macquarie University.

Many of our students here at ACPE study the Health Science degree as a pathway to pursue further studies and become Physiotherapists. Connor McMillan, Health Science (Exercise), final year student, was drawn to this course as it was a path that he could take to achieve his goal of becoming a Physiotherapist.

When speaking with the ACPE Careers team, Connor shared “Whilst studying I have had the chance of working with a fitness organisation for school children called Transform Us Fitness For Kids. Working with Transform Us taught me the need for health promotion organisations such as itself, that teach the importance of leading healthy lifestyles, which aligned with my Raising Health Awareness subject. The program ran at Sherwood Ridge Public School, and I attended every Friday.”

Looking forward to the future, Connor went on to say “My future endeavours are to become a Physiotherapist as I have applied for the Doctors of Physiotherapy degree at Macquarie University for next year. Luckily for me I have so far achieved the GPA required, and not only that, but all of the subjects that were covered in this degree were recognised by Macquarie University to apply for the Doctorate of Physiotherapy”.

When asked about how the ACPE Careers team helped him along the way Connor shared “I approached the Careers Team earlier this year to seek advice about the eligibility requirements and the application process. I found the application process simple as I met with Simone who helped me through each section of the process and made a seemingly impossible job, a breeze. My experience with the Careers team was outstanding, they were super helpful and really sped up my application process. The Careers team’s help was beyond beneficial, and they helped me at every stage along the way. If you are a someone who is looking to further their understanding of their field and wants to begin networking for when they complete their education, then talk to the Careers team as they are the ones that can make it all happen”.

If you are unsure where your degree can take you, then book an appointment with the Careers Team and find out, we are here to support with all your enquiries:

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