“Dream big and set goals, and never be afraid of failure” – Scott Neville

“Dream big and set goals, and never be afraid of failure” – Scott Neville

Scott Neville, a professional football player in the A-League, comes from a long line of footballers. Now settled in as a defender for the Brisbane Roar, Scott has been in the game for 13 years. With over a decade of experience, Scott reflects on how he achieved success in his sport and what it took to make it.

Please tell us about your journey as an athlete and how you got to where you are today?

I have played soccer all my life and I have been a professional soccer player in the A-League for 13 years now and have represented my country at under 17s,20s and 23s. I am a very driven and motivated individual that loves a team environment and being a leader within a group.

Throughout your career so far, you have managed to balance sporting success whilst balancing education with ACPE. How did you find this balance and what tips would you have for young athletes in balancing education and sport?

I think as athletes it is important to have a balanced life outside of our chosen sporting field to help us switch off and focus on something different. I love studying, learning and having passions outside of soccer, it is important that as athletes we aren’t defined by out sport, that we have other areas we are exploring.

What were some of the key decisions you made as a 16/17/18 year-old that helped set you up for where you are today?

The small detailed choices I made as a teenager definitely help set me up for where I am today. By following my dream and giving a 100 percent in every small detail, even if that meant sacrificing fun activities and partying to focus on every aspect of my game or training when it was required. I was dedicated to my sport and that has definitely paid off.

How does the ACPE Elite Athlete, Performer and Coach Program assist you as a student athlete?

The ACPE Elite Athlete program has been a total game changer for me and after studying at a different university prior to transferring over to ACPE I can honestly say I wish I had found ACPE years ago at the start of my university journey. The accessibility and process of learning with ACPE is easy to keep up with and I am always able to adjust my study load to my crazy playing schedule.

What are three skills that you think athletes must have in today’s world to set them up for future success in sport, education and gaining future employment?

Adaptability is a key skill athletes must have in todays ever-changing world and has become even more apparent now with the global pandemic. We’ve all seen how important it is to pivot when we have too. Commitment and determination are also essential skills that you must have to be successful in sport, education or whatever future you decide for yourself.

What do you enjoy most about being an ACPE student?

The simplicity of the online learning systems and the friendly caring staff especially in the Elite Athlete Program that are always available to help assist me and help me to work my studies around my sport. It feels like being part of a team.

Do you have any parting advice for junior athletes/students?

Dream big and set goals, and never be afraid of failure, failure is the best way to learn. Also it’s important to remember to not always look at the destination or where you want to get to, in my experience the journey is the best part so enjoy it and smile.

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