ACPE Student Profile: Peter Gentz

ACPE Student Profile: Peter Gentz
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At ACPE, we seek to be the specialist independent higher education provider of choice in the domains of Sport, Health, Fitness, Education and Dance. We aim to connect motivated students with fulfilling careers in their chosen fields. Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing a variety of student profiles.

Introducing Bachelor of Sports Coaching (Strength and Conditioning) student, Peter Gentz.

Peter is an athletics and strength and conditioning coach from the Newcastle and Lower Hunter Valley area. With experience as a Level 4 IAAF Sprints and Hurdles coach, Peter works with semi-elite teenage athletes and is also the owner of Tiger Fitness and Training which specialises in speed enhancement of young athletes and players across multiple sports.

Despite already having a lot of experience and qualifications in coaching Pete enrolled in the Sports Coaching Undergraduate program to enhance his knowledge, enlighten his thinking, and ultimately support his athletes to perform their best at World Junior Championships and beyond; “My coaching aspiration involve taking some of my athletes all the way to the Olympic Games, but also to help them become role models on and off the track”.

After having completed his HSC in 1982 and having the opportunity to attend University, Peter chose to learn a trade instead and this in turn has allowed him to undertake his Higher Education studies about 35-year post-schooling, proving it is never too late to go back to study; “I enjoy the challenge of learning skills that I have never used before or never had to use before, and having the ability to do the course online was a massive bonus for me, as I am still having to coach full-time and provide for my family. If I had to attend University full-time, it would have been impossible for me to undertake a bachelor’s Degree.”

When asked about his favourite unit so far, Peter expresses his enjoyment for the Biomechanics unit; “I did physics in my HSC and for the very first time in my life, I have been able to utilise what I learned at school. At 18, I never would have thought that physics and the associated mathematics would come in handy for my coaching. I have a big squad of hurdlers and having the ability to diagnose correct and incorrect form, using the Kinovea app, will be the key for them and myself to improve out of sight.”

It is true, “that knowledge is power” and enrolling with the ACPE Bachelor of Sports Coaching, has been the “icing on the cake”, in what it will mean for Peter and his squad.


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