ACPE Careers Corner Say Farewell to 2020

ACPE Careers Corner Say Farewell to 2020
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This year has been an exceptional one, challenging, daunting and interesting. All year round, the Careers Team has been working tirelessly to transform our programs to ensure that all ACPE students were able to access our services, whether it was face to face or remotely, via zoom.

To say it has been difficult is an understatement, successful is also an understatement.

We have learnt how to use technology in delivering our services and programs, and guess what? We will continue to utilise technology as it was proven that it worked well for our students.

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) placements seemed impossible this year, but in a year like no other, we have placed more students than any other year, in total, 82 placements. Furthermore, students were also placed in their preferred organisations, and for some, they were offered paid positions as a direct result of their WIL placement.

One on One student Career Consultations took place with students all year round, both online and face-to-face. We totalled 170 meetings, also 200 phone meetings.

Our four-step process played a huge role in the success of ACPE Students’ career planning.

  1. Students were interviewed by one of our Careers Advisors
  2. They were required to complete our online Careers Modules
  3. Students registered on ACPE Careers Hub
  4. Access to all internships and paid opportunities on Careers Hub

Since the launch of ACPE’S Careers Hub in March this year, we have had an overwhelming interest from various organisations to advertise online with us. More than 40 opportunities were advertised, and the number of registrations reached 216.

Our online ACPE Careers Q&A Webinars replaced the on-campus workshops. We delivered 22 career related episodes and ACPE’s Annual Virtual Careers Fair. With this, we were joined by over 20 industry professionals and alumni as guest speakers.

Guidance related to further studies has been the highlight of this year. To be specific, the Master and Doctorate of Physiotherapy.

We can proudly tell you that our Health Science (Exercise) degree met all the admission requirements and eligibility to apply for the Master and Doctorate of Physiotherapy. The number of students’ enquiries regarding further studies exceeded 30 and students’ applications exceeded 15, and now waiting for offers.

We wish those students the best of luck with their applications and hope that they will receive offers in the coming weeks.

The Careers Team wishes all students a very happy and safe holiday and we look forward to seeing you all again next year.

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