ACPE’s partnership with GWS provides students with amazing internship opportunities

ACPE’s partnership with GWS provides students with amazing internship opportunities

ACPE student Lauren O’Shea has followed in the footsteps of other students by tackling an internship with the Greater Western Sydney Giants in their events and marketing department.

Lauren is studying a Bachelor of Sports Coaching (Strength and Conditioning) full-time.

She obtained this excellent opportunity with the GWS Giants through us here at ACPE citing: “I had heard such great things from people who had taken this internship and had some amazing opportunities with the Giants and knew it was not one that I could’ve passed up.”

“I have gained experience not only in events but at training with the team and even helping manage on Game Day,” Lauren said.

Tom Welch, a member of Match Day & Events, Logistics & Operations with the GWS Giants has stated: “Lauren has quickly garnered a reputation around the club of being a capable and diligent worker, and is sought after to part of events and projects.”

Lauren’s day in the life with the Giants is varied and often exciting.

“Most of our experiences is making sure game day is as good as it possibly can be from setting up marquees and inflatables to helping run the on-field activations we get to really see how it is all put together to make a final product.

“The Giants really give us interns the opportunity to do meaningful work and consider every idea we bring to the table, it’s been so amazing to feel like I am a part of something that a lot of people love and look forward to each week,” Lauren said. 

Of course, the partnership between ACPE and the GWS Giants has assisted with getting interns over to them for real working experience.

Tom puts the relationship between the GWS Giants ACPE best: “the relationship between ACPE and the club is particularly special.

“The Giants staff is lucky enough to have several ACPE alumni – given the proximity of the university to our head office in Sydney Olympic Park, there are often representatives from the university at headquarters here and vice versa.”

Tom added that both ACPE and the GWS Giants had worked together to host events at Giants games, including alumni events taking place on the 20th July 2019.

Lauren would very much like to encourage all students at ACPE who gets the opportunity to intern with the Giants that they should not hesitate.

“It’s an amazing environment to be involved in every week and hope that it is somewhere I get to be for a very long time,” she said.

This cannot come as too much of surprise as Tom outlined what support interns receive with his organisation.

“An enjoyable and educational experience for students is at the forefront of the intern program here at the Giants.

“For those with a passion for events, working in a team and sport, the experience here should be fun and something that students look forward to,” he said.

Tom stresses the point that the Giants are committed to offering students who give up their time to be here specialised opportunities, catering to their interest in the business world.

“Multiple interns from each of the last three years have been successful in securing paid casual work or employment with the club.

“Apart from all of that, the business provides a great team atmosphere, and students gain several friends and connections through working with those in the business,” he said.

With all of this being said, Lauren would like her fellow students, or anybody looking to follow this career path, to take every opportunity that comes their way.

“A degree will only get you so far but making meaningful connections in the industry is what will get you over the line,” she said.

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